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Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008 -- Contents


(1) Another Original LR Translation: Nemtsov on Putin via Essel, Part 5

(2) EDITORIAL: Listening to Lev

(3) Annals of Kozlovsky: Moving on to the Next Victim

(4) Annals of Putin's war on NGOs

(5) The Amsterdam Video Returns

(6) The Elections Charade: Neo-Soviet Barbarism in all its Horror

(7) Annals of Shamapova

NOTE: The New York Times ran a devastating long front-page article on its website on Sunday with the synoposis: "A new autocracy now governs Russia. Behind a facade of democracy lies a centralized authority that is not reluctant to swat down those who challenge the ruling party." It included both a photo spread and, best of all, a translation of a series of barbaric comments from "Russian readers" based on a translation of the article on a special Russian-language website the paper has created. The article is part of a forthcoming series entitled "Kremlin rules" which "will examine the crackdown in Russia under President Vladmir V. Putin." More proof of how devastatingly "president" Putin has won respect for Russia in the West. We congratulate the Times on finally deciding to do what we've been doing for nearly two years now. Maybe one day soon it will see fit to write something about Oleg Kozlovsky!

NOTE: The BBC has a two-part audio file in which reporter Tim Whewell exposes the extent to which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has isolated Russia from the civilized nations of the world and is using Russia's energy resources the way the USSR used its military resources -- thus giving rise to a new cold war.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Apparently according to a Russian military analyst the USA, Europe and China are plotting together to conquer russia and split it up between them....

Russian paranoia really knows no bounds. I wonder if advice such as this has lead to the recent declaration that russia will use its nukes premptively...