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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sunday Funnies: Ellustrator Edition

Translation: "The Creation of the Bear"

Note: Vladimir Putin has endorsed Dmitri Medvedev, whose last
name is basedon the word "bear," as Russia's third "president."
Russia itself, of course, is also often symbolized by the image of a bear.

Source: Ellustrator


Panel #1 -- Three soldiers on Putin's each shout: "Leave me and save yourself, sir!"
Panel #2 -- They each shout again.
Panel #3 -- Putin says: "OK, Sorry 'bout that comrades Zubkov
and Ivanov, God be with you!"
Panel #4 -- Medvedev shouts "Leave me and save yourself, sir!"
Panel #5 -- Putin answers: "No need for that, comrade
Medvedev, you'll carrying the load from here on out."

Source: Ellustrator.

Here's a really classic encapsulation of Russia in a nutshell from the virtual pages of Ellustrator. "Real" Russians are depicted as lemmings rushing (pun intended) over a cliff to a downfall that starts with "Moscow" Russia, then "Europe" and finally "America." It's the way of of things in Russia that rather than actually do anything to stop the lemmings from jumping, Russians console themselves with the idea that Moscow is not as far down as the others. The handwritten note/arrow says: "This is me."

NOTE: Thanks to several helpful readers who picked up an error in our in-house translation of the text for the second cartoon. Your constructive criticism designed to encourage the use and promotion of the Russian language was most appreciated!

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