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Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21, 2007 -- Contents


Oleg Kozlovsky has been Shanghaied
into the army in order to silence him.


(1) Editorial: Pat & Vladimir Sittin' in a Tree

(2) Economist Rips Simes a New One

(3) Putin Forgets all About Beslan

(4) Shvartsman Speaks

(5) Blogs on Pooty as POTY

NOTE: Pajamas Media editor Michael Weiss (author of a recent piece in the Weekly Standard that appeared on this blog) has a brilliant new essay on the blog exposing the fundamental fraud and ignorance that lies behind Time magazine's designation of Vladimir Putin as "Person of the Year." It seems only the American MSM is capable of producing such an utterly vacuous claim as that policies designed by Putin have caused the Russian economy to expand. Thank goodness for us bloggers in our pajamas! Otherwise, Time would still be able to get away with crap like this. See also #5 above.

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