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Friday, December 28, 2007

Latest on Kozlovsky

Oborona reports (LR staff translation):

On December 27, Oborona activists held a protest direct action against the illegal recruitment of Oleg Kozlovsky in front of the Ministery of Defense of the Russian Federation. The activists stretched a banner reading "FREE OLEG KOZLOVSKY" and lit flares. Then they chanted slogans in solidarity with Kozlovksy

Oborona also reports:

On December 26th, the leader of the Moscow branch of the Yabloko political party, Sergei Mitrokhin, sent Moscow Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov a letter calling for the rescission of the decision to induct Oleg Kozlovsky forcibly into the army.

According to Mr. Mitrokhin, the decision was illegal on several grounds:

  • First, Kozlovsky has a disqualifying medical condition but the medical documentation thereof has been totally ignored, nor were any actual medical examinations conducted at the induction center.
  • Second, Kozlowski has completed a course of study in the military faculty of Moscow State University, after which he should be automatically awarded the rank of lieutenant. For some reason this has not been done.
Yesterday, in telephone conversations with the head of a military unit 12691, which sent Kozlovsky to Ryazan, and with the head of the hospital, Sergei Mitrokhin demanded that Kozlovsky be sent immediately the hospital to undergo screening. The chief of the military unit said that Kozlowsky will be sent to the hospital only after the New Years holidays.

Today Sergei Mitrokhin sent a telegram to the military unit confirming his demand to immediately send Kozlowski to the hospital. In addition, inquiries were made to the Defence Minister, Military Commissioner of Moscow, and the head of the military faculty of Moscow State University.

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