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Monday, December 31, 2007

Latest on Kozlovsky

Oborona reports (LR staff translation):

On December 29th the Moscow headquarters hosted a meeting with noted economist and journalist Andrei N. Illarionov (shown above trying on an Oborona t-shirt for size), Director of the Institute for Economic Analysis (at the Cato Institute). The activists discussed various matters with Mr. Illarionov over the course of three hours and he described the political system of modern Russia and explained why at the end of 2005 he resigned from the post of economic advisor to President Putin.

Illarionov particularly noted that opposition activists should not underestimate their opponents of the current government. He advised them to avoid formulaic solutions and to be creative in devising ways to respond to the Kremlin's initiatives. He noted that agents of the regime also carefully read Gina Sharp and prepare their own creative responses to a wide variety of options for our actions. The political situation in Russia is very difficult for opponents of the status quo. But our task no more difficult than it was for those who led the democratic movements in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine, and we can see that, judged in historical perspective, the regime is doomed. According to Illarionov, to hasten the moment of its downfall it is necessary to create a broad forum, a round table, or "proto-parliament," with the participation of political movements representing all different points of view in Russian society. Opposition should focus on the organization of parallel elections to this representative body, rather than participate sham elections put forth by the forces of the Kremlin.

Illarionov added his signature to the Joint Petition of the opposition leaders calling for the immediate release of Oleg Kozlovsky. In doing so, he called on all opposition groups to be more highly attentive to legal formalities so that they might not be used against them by the regime as a weapon of repression. Opposition must be done in deadly earnest, Illarionov stressed.

Regarding Kozlovsky's whereabouts, Oborona reports:

According to reliable sources on the afternoon of December 29th Oleg was transported from the hospital in the Ryazan to long-distance aviation unit No. 45179 in Dyagilevo (Telephone: 8-4912-33-53-18 and 8-4912-33-54-00). Oborona asks for the support of all human rights groups and those in the legal field to telephone the unit and advise them of Oleg's legal status so that they will understand it is in their own best interests to be careful with his treatment. Oleg's appeal is now pending before the Military Prosecutor's Office before investigator Vitaly Andrejevic Malakhov.

Obrona urgently requests that those who want to bring an early release of Oleg Kozlovsky print and distribute in all cities of Russia the following special edition of the Oborona newsletter reporting on the state-sponsored kidnapping of its national coordinator:

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