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Friday, December 14, 2007

EDITORIAL: Lozansky, Kremlin Bagman, Strikes Again


Kremlin Bagman Edward Lozansky Strikes Again

Russia Blog is shifting into full-scale propaganda mode now that the truth of Vladimir Putin's plan to remain in power has been revealed. They're desperate to sweep this horrifying news under the carpet. They're pulling out all the stops to deluge their readers (if such there be) with the rantings of every Russophile wacko they can find.

One of the classic Russophile rats scurrying about in Vladimir Putin's garbage looking for juicy gobs to suck on is Edward Lozansky of the so-called "American University in Moscow." We've previously exposed this nasty little scumbag for the blatant fraud he is. Again without declaring his personal interest in convincing Americans to sink money into Russia, Lozansky spews out his propaganda on Russia Blog as if he were some sort of detached impartial observer, attacking the Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard as if they, rather than he, were the lunatic fringe, claiming that they are just imagining Russia's slide into dictatorship and brazen provocation of a new cold war. It's rather amazingly ironic that Russia Blog can manage to adopt exactly the same attitude towards the WSJ that it criticizes the paper for adopting towards Russia. But then, consistency was never the long suit of your average Soviet maniac, so why should we expect anything else from the neo-Soviet freaks? Still more repulsive is the fact that Lozansky makes reference to a 2006 piece in the WSJ while ignoring the wide range of viewpoints they present, even as he attempts to call for moderation.

Simply put, he's a psychopath.

As such, the details of his "analysis" are not even worth mentioning. Instead, let's take a look at a page from Lozansky's website, in which a Russian student proudly explains that why it's just fine with her if Vladimir Putin rules indefinitely -- well, she sort of explains, if you can manage to figure out what the hell she's saying through her broken English. Apparently, Lozansky isn't doing well enough to provide her with an editor:

Putin after Putin. Why not?

Putin after Putin. Why not?
November 12, 2007
Olga PERVUSHINA, student, Journalism studies, Moscow Lomonosov University

Who is going to be the next? This question does really worry Russian people. Maybe at first sight it's unlikely to say whether our civilians are interested in politics or not. Why? Because of the part we played in this life. Every time something happens in Russian politics’ world, we learn it from TV news or newspapers. Nobody ever asks us about our opinion. Then how can we suppose the future of our country?

Many people assume that Putin has decided to lead the the United Russia Party for the chance to control the situation in our country. And in my opinion this is the right opinion. In a previous interview Vladimir Putin said he needs the person he could work with. Of course there is no doubt that he meant our future president. Yes, Putin doesn’t want to loose his power and he chose the best way to achieve it. But is it really bad? I think it’s not. Putin’d become a president in times when Russia was so called destroyed. The level of the country was law, it couldn’t compete with other countries. Moreover the ex-government didn’t pay any attention to lots of problems: economics, social situation and so on. It couldn’t even present Russia at the different conferences and meetings. That was the picture of the country when Vladimir Putin had started his first presidential term. During these almost 8 years he did a lot. Of course, somebody would say he didn’t do enough. Despite this we have to say that he worked hard. It was not very easy to rule the country in those years. Besides it’s quite an obvious thing that the actions of the government aren’t always right.

Russian nation can’t blame Vladimir Putin for his wish to hold the power and for his fear to relinquish. After all he was good, he did his best. He wants to continue to look after people. But he can’t change the Constitution and he doesn’t need it. Probably he just wants to be sure that everything he’d done wouldn’t disappear at once when a new president takes his term. And the only opportunity to check this is to be near, to become the leader of the United Russia Party to be exactly.

It is difficult to say now what will happen at the and. The election will show. We just hope that our country will be powerful and great anyway. And if it’s necessary the presence of Vladimir Putin… why not?

This is the kind of "thinking" that Mr. Lozansky is nurturing in Russia. This is what he says we don't need to be afraid of. In reality, Lozansky himself is the best argument we can think of that immediate confrontation of Russian aggression is essential. Do you notice how this young woman says nothing about the people of the country being happy or satisfied, but only talks about Russia itself becoming "powerful" and "great" and is willing to sacrifice all the values of democracy in order to make that happen? That's a perfect encapsulation of Russian attitudes, and makes it clear that Russian supported Soviet aggression rather than being its victims, just as they support neo-Soviet aggression now. And folks like Mr. Lozansky want us to drop our guard so they can profit.

It's pure evil.

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