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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An Open Letter to Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Dear Mr. Solzhenitsyn,

We'll make this brief because you're half-senile and probably have a very short attention span, especially where irritating foreigners like us are concerned. You're one of the world's greatest living writers and in your youth you were one of Russia's greatest patriots. But in your advanced years you've become a non-entity, and in fact some of your actions could be construed by history as helping to recreate the Soviet state that you struggled against so heroically in your youth.

You're an old man, and you'll be dead soon. Your time to correct the record is running out fast. We've just learned that you're about to receive one of Russia's highest honors from the Kremlin, the State Prize in Humanities. Don't miss this chance, sir, it might be your last. Set the record straight. Use whatever influence you have to stand up to the rise of dicatorship in Russia, with your brilliant mastery of words just as you did in Soviet times, so that you can pass into history with your honor clean. Look around you and open your eyes, and then give the Mother of All Acceptance Speeches.

Your country still needs you. The judgment of history will be sure and severe if you fail to meet that need. We suggest you screen the British film "Bridge on the River Kwai" and check on the expression on Alex Guiness's face when he suddenly realizes he's been helping the Japanese to win World War II. Do you really want to leave this world with that look on your face?

Sincerely yours,

La Russophobe


Anonymous said...

An Open Reply to La Russophobe from Solzhenitsyn

Dear La Russophobe.

The Central Intelligence Agency (the place where you work and which sponsors this blog) stopped paying me! I want some more money from you! If you pay me more money I'll try to fight against Putin! But I should tell you, dear CIA agent, that Putin and Co. have strongly encroached the rule in the country. Putin will have a successor who will continue his work. It will be difficult for the United States to occupy Russia again (like it was during Eltsin rule) because of this reason. Actually, if previously Stalin found a worthy successor, you’d be already in deep shit. But, being a corrupt and venal person, I’ll still try to do something in your favour! JUST PAY ME, LIKE YOU DID BEFORE!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

La Russophobe said...

According to Putin, working for the secret services is something to be proud of. So if we did, we would be, but we don't, and your crazy paranoia would be amusing if it weren't destroying Russia.

Meanwhile, if you think working for the secret service is so bad, then the first thing you should do is . . . impeach "president" Putin.

Just wondering . . . do you think at ALL before you post?

Penny said...

LR, thanks, you wrote the letter that that has been in my thoughts too. What happened to this great moralist that as Putin re-Stalinizes Russia his mouth is nailed shut?


It will be difficult for the United States to occupy Russia again...

Hey, idiot, the US never occupied Russia, ever.

If you are going to represent yourself as a Russian patriot on a public bog show some basic intelligence. Your stupidity is being viewed by many non-Russians. Are you sure that's what you want?

La Russophobe said...

Hi Penny!

It is always a pleasure to have your insightful thoughts around here, you are a valued member of the LR team.


Penny said...

Kim, your site is a needed aggregate of the crap enveloping Russia. Robert Amsterdam is another must read.

Too bad that trolls of such a low level of intelligence have found your site. I guess on the upside seeing the useless idiots that defend Putin's fascism is instructive for all of us. There are stupid and evil people on this earth.

I have to wonder how many of the anonymous posters are the same stupid idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Penny,

"Occupying" doesn't always mean "military invasion". "Occupation" can also mean putting pro-American (or any other country) government in charge. Like USA recently did in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries. Now we can see how these countries "benefit" from it. Same thing also happened to Russia when pro-American Eltsin and his corrupt Jewish friends came to power. The States were very glad, because Russia did every USA's whim and it was going to collapse. But when Putin came to power, he showed USA a middle finger. And "suddenly" there began a massive anti-Russian propaganda and ideological war against Russia. "Unexpectedly" this blog appeared on the net and lots of anti-Russian propaganda books and articles in Western newspapers emerged. By the way, many of those articles are posted anonymously, because no person of sound mind would ever write such crap (this proves that those articles are simply ordered by someone. By CIA for example).

By the way, I would advise you to read some books, history works, articles and documentaries which represent different opinions towards Russia – both positive and negative. Only then will you have a true non-egoistical objective vision. And maybe after STUDYING the subject you’ll say to YOURSELF: “Oh my God! How pathetic I was!!”.


Dear La Russophobe,

Yes, I do think before posting. I can’t say the same about you.

I don’t think that working in the secret service is bad. And I don’t want Putin to be impeached. And he won’t be impeached, so you are just wasting your time writing all this crap here.

I would respect your website if it contained some truth and objectivity. But this blog is just a collecting tank of bullshit from the tabloids and your own sick bumph. I’ve been visiting this website for half a year and I haven’t yet seen a single worthy article here. Come on! CIA can do better than this!! You could make a really intelligent anti-Russian blog, but this one is made by clown for clowns. There are WAAAAY more well-formed anti-USA websites on the net which are twice as big as yours. And those websites, unlike this one, have much more truthful and believable information on the anti-USA topic. They don’t contain bullshit similar to yours: “Russians are going extinct! That’s the great reason to hate them!”. Your blog is composed of this bullshit by more than 50%. Another example: “Russians are doing bad at sports! Stupid Russians! Hate them for that!”. Funny, just funny. The main problem of your blog is that it doesn’t have a good explanation why it exists. - reading these “reasons to become a Russophobe” made me and my friends burst into laughter. That’s it, this blog isn’t serious. Your “patron” shouldn’t pay you for this shit. I can show you those anti-USA websites, so that you study how to do them right.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

You're absolutely right! You know what else is the CIA's fault? Russian alcoholism. The fact that so many Russians drink themselves to death is the result of a CIA plot. Every time some piece of crap car blows-up or veers off a road on one of Russia's "highways" it's also the CIA's fault. The CIA also tells Russians to smoke like chimneys. It also created U.S. anti-smoking laws just to drive Russians crazy. Actually, Jews helped with that one. The CIA has also been doing its best to help that amazing Georgian economic growth after Russia stopped buying its wine. It also has done its absolute best to get Estonians pissed-off with Russia. You see the mass murder of Estonians was just a CIA plot to make Russia look bad. The CIA has also been doing its part to make sure absolutely zero petrodollars of Russia has gone to any charitable causes like fighting AIDS in Russia or tsunami relief. If it wasn't for the CIA Russia would be a much more generous country and improve its image in the world. The CIA has also been doing its best to wipe Chechens off the face of the Earth and thereby earning Russia the suspicion of the world's Moslems. Finally, the CIA has done a tremendous job in installing a pack crooked economic illiterated to take power in Russia. This way when oil prices go down or the world becomes less dependent on it the Russians will be back to being economic basket cases. I think you are right. The CIA with help from the Jews is doing a great job in keeping Russia down. Lord knows Russians wouldn't be able to do it all by themselves.


your friendly neighborhood CIA agent

Anonymous said...

Actually, Penny (or shall I say: LR II?), the US TRIED to occupy Russia at one point...;) American troops did stay on Russian soil, but not for long. Now go and look up your history....

Note to 'anonymous': LR is NOT paid by the CIA. They actually have better things to do then engage in this kind of stupid snow job. The money for this comes from the private sector. I leave it to you to figure it out...

Anonymous said...

to: Anonymous

Hi, buddy! Nice to meet you. I am "Russian patriot" havin fun in this "russophobic snake nest". I agree with you that Kim Zigfeld is doing a good job showing how narrowminded can be an ordinary American when it comes to such a serious topic like Russia.
PENNY is her pet, they are just licking each other around.
Their main argument when they are not agree with someone is: You are moron (idiot, etc)
Alas, no other opponents to have a good enjoyable conversation or discussion.
It means: Be happy with what you got. It is their blog after all.
Yet have to give her credit for some interesting links and publications (other than her own editorials and comments, like the letter above).
As about A. Solzhenitsyn, you seem to be wrong. This honest Russian patriot would not talk to a russophobe whatsoever.