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Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Now, the Kremlin Literally Sh*ts on People

(2) McCain: Why we Must be Firm with Russia

(3) Announcement: Studies Without Borders Chechnya Scholars

(4) Yup, Now it's Submarines. Did somebody say "Lusitania"?

(5) Send in the Kwans

NOTE: La Russophobe is getting VERY annoyed by people who are leaving comments under the name "anonymous" -- a practice we have specifically requested you to refrain from. The reason (if we need to give one, which we don't) is that it makes it impossible to carry out an intelligent discussion, since you cannot tell one "anonymous" from another. We've already warned you that your comments are subject to deletion if you use the name "anonymous" and pretty soon you're going to find out that you've wasted your time sending in your comment. So knock it off, can't you? And by the way, there is nothing to stop us from going back and pruning out anonymous comments if we get sufficiently annoyed. We're trying to meet you halfway, so try to be reasonable.


Anonymous said...

What's good for the goose should also be good for the gander. When can we expect La Russophobe to stop being an anonymous too? . . . and if you insist on remaining anonymous, could you at least explain your rationale?

La Russophobe said...


You stupid dumbass piece of worthless Russophlic garbage.

(1) This blog is published by Kim Zigfeld it is not anonymous.

(2) We've explained the reason why anonymity is offered to contributors MANY times. MANY famous authors in literature published anonymously.

(3) We are NOT asking commenters to identify themselves, we are asking them to use A MADE UP NAME YOU MORONIC SPECK OF DISHONEST FILTH.

(4) Do you ask for the publisher of the Russophile screed "Russian Blog" to identify himself? How about the publisher of Darkness at Noon or Zaxi or ANY ONE OF THE THOUSANDS OF BLOGS PUBLISHED IN RUSSIAN that are anonymous? When the eXile wrote about us, did you write a letter of complaint about the fact that their articles were anonymously published? Are you aware that the Internet is FULL of anonymous blogs and that many respected organizations offer specific advice about how to keep them anonymous so that ruthless dicatators like Vladimir Putin can't abuse them? See here for instance:

(5) All comments posted by La Russophobe are identified by the name La Russophobe, both on this blog and all others. Your drivel isn't even remotely coherent or fair, which isn't the least bit suprising.

Once again, you've polluted the blogosphere with your dishonest garbage in a further attempt to advance your own personal financial interests WITHOUT DISCLOSING THAT FACT.

You're the scum of the earth and crazed by jealousy over the success of this blog, which tends to undermine your private commercial interests.

Unknown said...

La Russophobe:

I think I might love you. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when you speak like a truck driver. Thank you for keeping me company at the Vienna Airport.

La Russophobe said...

Just as we thought. No answer to #4. What a totally ridiculous hypocrite you are.