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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Mailbag

Letters, we get letters, we get lots of cards and letters every day

Dear La Russophobe,

I read with interest that Vladimir Putin says he is a democrat, that unfortunately no one else is, and that he is the only pure democrat there has been since Mahatma Gandhi. Well of course the Americans aren't democratic. (Look at the debacle over the 2000 election in Florida and the hanging chads.) But apparently Brezhnev was not a democrat. Shock horror! Even the leader of the Liberal Democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky is not a democrat! But Putin is. And there was me thinking that he had spent half his time rolling back democracy in Russia and trying to prevent democracy from breaking out in other countries. But he put me right. Presumably he is democratic like the German Democratic Republic was (after all he used to work as a KGB agent defending the regime there). Actually it used to annoy me a lot when commentators on the Olympics referred to East Germany in that way, or even if they just called them the DDR. I find it similarly annoying when North Korea is referred to as the DPRK. But it takes Putin to call them by their name in its full form. Not only that. In his infamous Munich Speech was the sentence "Today many other countries have these missiles, including the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea, India, Iran, Pakistan and Israel." He makes it sound as if North Korea is a worker's paradise and the citizens of ordinary Korea can only look on it with envy. In fact, he was talking about proliferation of missile technology. But, very cleverly he reeled off a list of the countries that have obtained or are trying to obtain nuclear weapons outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty… plus South Korea, which has not, thereby giving the false impression that perhaps South Korea has been trying to produce nuclear missiles. In fact, in contrast to North Korea, in recent decades it has scrupulously observed IAEA requirements on nuclear non-proliferation. If we stick to what Putin actually said (about missiles) he is still creating the false impression that South Korea had to be lumped in with North Korea and Iran in terms of trying to develop offensive long range missiles. In fact, North Korea transferred missile technology to Pakistan in exchange for nuclear technology, possesses a missile with a range of 1300km and is believed to be working on longer range missiles. South Korea, again in contrast only has missiles of 300km range supplied to it by the US, which it needs for obvious reasons. Perhaps the above shows that this and other speeches by Putin deserve to be analysed in depth. Anyway I think that the DPRK should be officially renamed the North Korean Vicious Dictatorship or NKVD.

Very truly yours,



Anonymous said...

La russofoba was getting annoyed by anonymous commentators, yet she's publishing one.

"Even the leader of the Liberal Democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky is not a democrat"

Zhirinivsky is certainly not a democrat! If the commenter had the skightest knowledge of Russian politics, he/she would know. You can bet on WW III if Zhirinovsky was in power!

Does North Korea really have that kind of missile technology?! So why did their missiles fall into the sea after some kilometers of flight, if they were so powerful?

La Russophobe said...


You are a truly ridiculous idiot.

As we've clearly explained, it is not anonymity that bothers us, it is use of the NAME "anonmyous" IN A COMMENT. Doing so causes confusion when several different commenters use the same name and therefore cannot be idetified for purposes of response. There is no such danger in one of our posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation and the unprovoked "idiot".

La Russophobe said...


You are delusional. It's really amazing that you can claim our "idiot" was "unprovoked" after you accused us of being hypocrites, making rules we don't ourselves live by. Following that claim by you, which was utterly false and clearly showed you hadn't carefully read our clear statements on this issue, you in fact deserved far worse than you got and should consider yourself lucky.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, how lucky I am, don't punish me, please!

In the meanwhile I haven't apostrophed you with any offensive word, but you called me "idiot". But what can you do about it, those are your maners.

La Russophobe said...


(1) there is no verb "to apostrophe"

(2) perhaps being a Russophile maniac you see it as perfectly normal to be a hypocrite, but you should open your mind to other cultures a bit. In America, calling someone a hypocrite (which is what you've called us) is a fiendish insult.

(3) if you think you have avoided an insult by not using the specific word "hypocrite" then let us say your mother sleep with strange men for money. Surely, you aren't offended because we haven't said any "bad words." Right? That kind of "thinking" is what destroyed the USSR and it will just as surely destroy Russia if you continue it.

Anonymous said...

1) I was trying to use "to apostrophise", my mistake.

2)I don't think I'm a maniac, since I don't show signs of insanity.

And if you really want to know it, I think YOU ARE a hypocrite. And you know why? Because it's a complete nonsense saying that you want to help a nation, but then you express nothing but hate about its people. And I'm not referring to the "call" for the Russians to take their destiny into their hands, but to your hate page "Why to be a Russophobe", which has nothing to do with Russian politics. You use a series of insults to the Russian people (not even to Putin, apart from one little instance), without backing up your hate with substantial evidence. The evidence you bring is either distorted, or misrepresented and I've shown this in my subsequent comment.

Therefore, either you are not capable of building up proper arguments, or you distort and manipulate on purpose, in order to hide your real nature, that of a narrow-minded, intollerant, arrogant. I personally think, the second case applies to you. So you're a hypocrite.

As for the anonimity issue, it's my fault, I didn't read carefully. So I'm sorry if my words implied that you were a hypocrite in THAT instance.

By the way, your reference to my mother shows again your bad, rude and uneducated manners.

And anyway, since you totally hate everything is Russian, you should be happy if it goes extinct.