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Friday, June 22, 2007

Russia is New Jersey

This provocative map from the Opinion Mill blog renames the American states according to the countries that are equivalent in GDP terms. Under this analysis, mighty Russia is rivaled by the tiny American state of New Jersey. Click the map to enlarge. We can hear the Russophile screeching now: "It's a dirty lie! Russia's GDP is at least as big as Texas! And with purchasing power parity, we're hot on the heels of California!" LR wonders how they say in Russian that thing about the forest and the trees . . .


Anonymous said...

Incorrect statistics

In 2006, Russia's GDP grew to $1018 billion nominally (26.31 trillion rubles; 2.04 trillion in PPP dollars).

The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that New Jersey's total state product in 2004 was $416 billion.

Lies, same old russophobic lies.

La Russophobe said...

You are an INCREDIBLE moron!

Don't you see that you are comparing TWO DIFFERENT YEARS?

You have to compare the SAME year, idiot!

Also, you can't compare PPP for Russia and nominal for New Jersey. You must compare Russia's nominal GDP to New Jersey's nominal GDP for the same year and use data from the same source.

You're an incredible fool. We're laughing at you.

La Russophobe said...

One other thing we might point out to you helpless, hopless cretins: The map in this post was NOT made by La Russophobe, it was made by ANOTHER BLOG which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA and the map DEALS WITH LOTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES BESIDES RUSSIA.

It's quite intersting that "Russian" did EXACTLY what we said the Russophile slobs would do in our post: He claims that Russia's GDP is actually 5 times larger than the state of New Jersey, so the nation of Russia with 140 million people is like five tiny American states not just one. Apparently, this idiot is proud of that. And so it goes in Russia.

Anonymous said...

And I am laughing at you!

The Opinion Mill blogger posted the map for fun, to entertain the Americans, most of whom are interested in dollars and economics and love the most to wave their prison-robe coloured flag.
But you have taken it seriously, and used it for your Russopobic exercisises.
Mark Ames was right when called your blog "absolutely humorless".
You are so pathologically, obsessively russophobic that your scavenge all the Internet "pomoykas" (garbage dumping places) to dig out whatever stinks russophobic to post on your blog.
My imagination draws me the picture when all that virtual sh*** you got from pomoykas gets materialized by some miracle and you wind up with a pile of used toilet paper, condoms and snotty Kleenex napkins on your computer desk.

OK, back to our business...

My point was not to show my pride but to point out that the data were incorrect and all that stuff you got excited about means nothing.
Yes, the years I gave were different, but I just used what was available from one source-Wikipedia.
After all, while Russia's GDP has been growing fast, New Jersy has not gone far ahead from the year 2004.
And I gave both nominal and PPP.
Though in this case PPP must be used for Russia. Because the nominal dollar is what a dollar is in the USA. But purchasing power of the dollar can be different elswhere.

For example, a farmer in New Jersy grown 5 tonn of egg-plants and sold them for 4 dollars per kilo, earning $20000. This is his nominal GDP
A Russian farmer grown same 5 tonns of egg-plants and sold them for $0.8 per kilo (because egg-plants are cheaper in Russia) having made $4000- which is his nominal GDP.
So you get Russian GDP 5 times less, though the production is the same.

Below are some comments from the linked blog, supporting my point:

1. The NY and NJ state domestic products the guy uses are wildly inaccurate.
NJ is not $733 billion it is below $500 billion.

2. I agree some of the numbers look wacky. I first looked at Michigan and said there’s no way the eighth-largest state in population can be 20th in GDP

3. Russia’s 2006 GDP is about $1.7trln, which puts it somewhere between #8 and #10 globally. Other numbers may need some adjustment, too, perhaps?

4 there are enough Russians in my part of NJ to make Russia seem a logical choice

5. So how come the US has such a lousy health care system?

La Russophobe said...


You are an illiterate idiot. If you actualy went so far as to read the post you are commenting on, you would clearly see that it says

We can hear the Russophile screeching now: "It's a dirty lie! Russia's GDP is at least as big as Texas! And with purchasing power parity, we're hot on the heels of California!" LR wonders how they say in Russian that thing about the forest and the trees . . .

We also said the map was "provocative" -- that means it is trying to provoke a discussion, not to set forth exact facts and figures.

And your response is to furiously search through our posts looking fo any kind of "mistake" you can find so you can attack and ridicule us. Did it ever occur to you that YOUR attitude towards this blog is EXACTLY the same was what you claim our attitude is towards Russia, you freakishly stupid cretin? No, of course it didn't, because you're a helpless, hopeless Russian.

OK, now let's deal with your so-called "facts":

(1) You still have provided no link to your data

(2) Like an uneducated child, you've totally ignored New Jersey's tiny population. The state of New Jersey has only 8 million people in it, roughly the size if New York City. (

Russia has 140 million people, 17 times more than New Jersey. So its GDP should be 17 times greater.

But even if New Jersey has "only" $500 billion in GDP as you claim,
and Russia had $1.7 trillion, New Jersey's GDP would be nearly 1/3 the size of Russia with 17 times less people. That's a huge embarrassment for Russia, and the fact that you can't see this is EXACTLY what we predicted when we put up the post, and it's the REASON why we put it up.

Dude, we're laughing at YOU twice as hard now. You've just made a total fool of yourself, doing EXACTLY what we predicted you'd do.

By the way, it's genuinely amazing that you can't even be fair enough to admit that you compared New Jersey in 2004 to Russia in 2006 using two different sources, two different measures and not citing his source material. So much for your "scholarship." Dimwit.

Did you really think that by "proving" New Jersey and Russia's GDP are not exactly the same down to the penny you could establish once and for all that we're wrong about Russia and you're right? We bet you DID. And therefore we thank you for showing our readers in bold living color exactly how it was possible for the USSR to destroy itself.

La Russophobe said...


About Mark Ames, who works for the Kremlin -- if you and he find Russia losing 1 million people every year something to joke about, you are more dangerous to her than any foreign enemy. We don't find that funny, nor do we find amusing the arrogance it takes for you to lecture this blog about how we're allowed to express ourselves. Rather, we think it's just plain revolting.

It's rather hard to follow your "reasoning" -- have you had a bit of vodka perhaps before posting? One minute you say the Opinion Mill post was put up as a joke, then you say it was put up by a moron or liar exposed by other people. One minute you cite statistics to prove what New Jersey's actual GDP is, then you rely on Mark Ames and talk about humor. Your level of consistency and logic is classically Russian, so anyway congratualations on that!

And congratulations on having a GDP 4 times bigger than a single American state! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Odd, yesterday I posted a comment, but I has not appeared.

As for Russia's nominal GDP being 1.7 trillion, this is not accurate. According to the IMF, Russia's nominal GDP was less than 1 trillion in 2006. According to IMF estimates it may reach 1.3 trillion USD in 2008. In 2006, the per capita GDP was 6,856 USD in 2006. This is a significant rise as it was 4,104 in 2004. However, Russia still has far to go to catch up with the countries of the G7, for example, where the per capita GDP is well over $30,000.

The continued growth in the American GDP is quite amazing in itself. Between 2004 and 2006, according to the IMF, the American GDP grew by more than 1.5 trillion dollars. The growth in the American economy between 2004 and 2006 is greater than the entire Russian economy. (For the IMF data, go to the World Economic Outlook Database, April 2007:

As for growing eggplants, that left me a bit confused. The problem in the contemporary Russian economy is that people on average earn a lot less than their counterparts in the United States, the G7 and Europe, but the cost of living is quite comparable. It has been my experience that the cost of food in Russia is pretty much equal to the cost of food in Canada, for example, and that other services are actually much more expensive (the internet, for example, or a meal in a restaurant). The things that are cheaper: cell phones, alcohol and cigarettes.

La Russophobe said...


We apologize if your comment got lost somewhere. We'd suggest (a) if you write a long comment, save it as a word document before posting so you can repost if necessary, since technical glitches do happen and (b) don't post as "anonymous" because we've previously stated that these such comments can get deleted.

Anonymous said...

Mark Ames working for the Kremlin? Interesting idea. Everything is possible. How about CIA?
Anyway, he is a good journalist and reporter. Smart and wit unlike some others writing on the topic.

Of course I saw your preface: We can hear the Russophile screeching now: "It's a dirty lie!.... That is why I confirmed by submitting just the two facts that it was a LIE indeed.

That the USA is the strongest economy and that Russia is far behind is a trivia. You are trying to prove something which need not to be proven. What is wrong, you ignore the tendencies, the dynamic of the development. Russian economy is growing and the situation there in whole is improving. You за деревьями не видишь леса-this is how in Russian is the thing about the forest and the trees .