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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Sunday Photos: Oborona Remembers

In photos taken from the Oborona website, a team visits the memorial in Moscow which commenorates the August 1991 grass roots uprising against the neo-Soviet coup plotters

When was the last time you heard "President" Putin mention these grassroots heroes? Could it be he's afraid of people like them, real Russian patriots interested first and foremost in the welfare of their country? Does he have reason to be afraid?


Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

Obviously the Sweet Valley High crew of La Russophobe doesn't want an end to Russian patriotic chauvinism. They just want the liberal chauvinists "real patriots" who are willing to kiss more U.S ass than Putin does.

As for the Solzhenitsyn post: Once again my points are not addressed but ignored. Most Russians and peoples of the USSR were Communists and believed in class struggle since the Great October Revolution. Again, it was the practice of Stalinism that trampled on all the initiatives of the Soviet workers and bled them. Despite this the belief was still alive as was seen in World War II, defense of Cuba, aid to the Vietnamese Revolution against French and U.S imperialism for example.

For Russian: Thanks for the reply on the "Sovok" meaning.

La Russophobe said...

You are a liar. Most Russians weren't communists, no more than 30% joined the party, and you have no evidence to the contrary.

It takes a certain special kind of idiot to denigrate people lighting candles at a memorial whilst he sits on the sidelines doing nothing at all.

Hector, you are so special.