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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Annals of Shamapova

Well, Maria Sharapova turned in another classic performance on Sunday to reach the quarter finals at the French Open, where she'll face Russian/Georgian Anna Chakevetadze. Should she win, she'll likely face another Russian, Svetlana Kuznetsova, for a birth in the finals, meaning that three of her first five matches will have been against Russians.

Against journeywoman Swiss player Patty Schnyder, Sharapova struck a ghastly 43 unforced errors (almost twice as many as Schnyder) and only 16 winners (just seven more than Schnyder) and had her mighty serve broken NINE different times over the course of three sets. Yet she STILL won! She dropped the first set and needed 16 games in the third to prevail (eight of the first twelve games ended in service breaks in a virtually unwatchable match), ending up with only 113 total points to Schyder's 110 and winning only when Schyder was victimzied by a series of horrific line calls as well as a shameless stoppage of play by Sharapova at a crucial moment, an act which earned her a penalty from the chair (was she really that desperate? you better believe it!).

In other words, more proof that we were right when we said Shamapova is the luckiest human being on the face of the earth. If Shamapova were the role model for the quality of the women's game, the sport would be headed for bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

One must be a badly sick and petty Russophobe to pick on a disinterested in politics and living out of Russia girl to exercise the anounced russopobia.
What seems to be your problem with Sharapova? She is not Putin, nor his friend. She does not belong to the Nashi movement. She just plays tennis, and will do it whatever happens to Russia.
Sport is sport. Sharapova won, so she made it.
You do not like how she plays tennis-this is your business. And her business is to play tennis and make money that way. Sharapova will not donate a dollar from her millions to "La Russophobe" blog, and the first reason why is that she is not aware that such a blog exists. So, bark, Mos'ka, bark!
And what is funny about misspelling her name as "Shamapova"?
Any sence?
The girl has certainly some Tartar roots. "Sharap"-means "wine" in Tartar language. Or it could be Russian mispronounsation of "Sharip"- the muslim man's name.
Anyway, it sounds like "shut up!" too.

La Russophobe said...

One must be a raving ego maniac to think he can lecture others about what topics they can and cannot properly consider on their blogs.

One must be utterly paranoid, a classic Soviet "man," to see criticism of a million dollar athlete's performance as "picking on" them.

And one must be a total moron not to see that you can't handle the truth, and that's why this post was written.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever.

You clearly state that your blog's objective is to record "the rise (and hopefully fall) of the Neo-Soviet Union. So what Sharapova has to do with this anyway?

The blog is yours, write what you want, I don't even watch tennis and couldn't care less about that player. It just struck me that together with other relevant topics, you put this totally irrelevant one. Maybe out of jealousy, who knows...

La Russophobe said...


Gosh, thanks every so much for giving us permission to write what we want! Nice little ego you've got there!

Meanwhile, we suggest that you actually READ this blog before criticizing it. We've repeatedly said that Sharapova is our poster child for Russian elevation of form and luck over substance and hard work, that very thing which is most responsible for destroying modern Russia.

Anonymous said...

In Italy they would say:

"You must have had a difficult childhood".

I'm certainly not giving permission to anybody to do anything, since I don't have that power. I simply recognise reality, which means that I see that everybody exercises his\her right to write what he\she wants on his\her website.

I'm your humble servant my Dear Mistress, don't punish me for having dared to say a word!

Again, I don't cae about Sharapova, but why didn't you bring some oligarchs as examples of "form and luck over substance and hard work"? Or you think all of them "obtained" their wealth legally?

By the way isn't "form and luck over substance and hard work" a very common case in any part of the world, not just in Russia? Do I need to list any of them?

But of course Russia has to be crucified in any case.