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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Annals of Shamapova

We continue to see Maria Sharapova as being the luckiest human being on the face of the earth. Her good fortune in the draw at the French Open this week is quite mind-bloggling.

The four most dangerous players on the tour right now are Justinne Henin Hardenne (world #1), Serena Williams (winner of the first grand slam this year, in Australia), her sister Venus Williams (who set the record in her second match for the fastest serve ever struck by a woman in a main-draw match, at 128 mph easily rivaling that of many male professionals), and the hottest player on the tour at the moment, Serbian Jelena Yankovic (#1 on the 2007 calendar year rankings).

And guess what? Every single one of these four players was placed on the opposite side of the French Open draw from Shamapova. To reach the finals, the only significant players Shampova'd need to beat would be Frenchwoman Amelie Mauresmo, the greatest choke player in the history of the sport, especially on her home turf at Stade Roland Garros, and fellow Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, who is beginning to rival Mauresmo for that title having lost all four of the finals events she's reached on tour this year.

World #2 Shamapova was placed in position where, assuming Mauresmo choked and lost (which she already has done, going out in her third match in straight sets to a Czech not ranked in the world's top 20), Shamapova could easily end up facing another lame Russian pretender in three of her first five matches and, at most, have to play a single serious non-Russian opponent -- and only upon reaching the finals, where she'd face a player who had just had to slug it out against at least one of the four most dangerous women in the event, maybe more.

This comes on the heels of being somehow magically air-lifted out of Siberia, handed a U.S. green card (on who knows what basis) and then being given free tennis lessons at the world's #1 academy in Florida (among other places). She's the ultimate personification of the Russian tradition of form over substance, illusion over reality, pretending failure is success.

1 comment:

Dani said...

i totally agree with you. Sharapova is arrogant,selfish and desconsiderated. but what i see her doing in the match against patty schnyder was the final for me,and not becuse it surprise me because i had enough of her classless behavior.
But that´s mot really the big problem
because other players like martina hingis when she was on top she behaves in a polemic way: but she deserves to be a champion for the way she can play tennis and she didn´t win 30millions a year like sharapoverated does.
the only thing she does is hit the ball the hard she can and that´s it;did you see her against schnyder? that was pathetic she doesn´t play fair at all.
And the draw,what can i say?always the same sharapova never face a top-player in a tournament until the semifinal,no wonder that she gets so far.
It will be a shame for tennis if she wins the french open with her mediocre gamestyle and classless behavior but that´s seems impossible even with that easy her draw she has only mauresmo(she´s out)and kuznetsova and she didn´t had to play to henin,jankovic,s.williams,v.williams and vaidisova they all play with each other,all of them are better players and surely better persons than she.
sharapova is a creation,a fantasy player that had last more than it should.Just watch her play and you know what i´m talking about she always play horrible.