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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Sunday Photos: Congratulations, Grigori!

Russia makes a farce of democracy. As I pointed out last week, it is ruled by thugs, thieves and corruption. No country that imprisons and kills journalists for telling the truth can lay claim to being democratic. Today, the Russian journalist Grigory Pasko is on a flight back to his homeland after visiting Australia during the APEC summit. Pasko was here to warn Australians of the danger of selling uranium to Putin. Pasko served many years in a Russian labour camp for reporting on Russia's illegal dumping at sea of nuclear waste. Shortly before his flight home he told me of his fears that he would be arrested upon his arrival home. Why? Because he had the guts to tell Australians of his concern that we are being hoodwinked and that Putin will not use our uranium exclusively for peaceful purposes.

--Columnist Jill Singer, The Herald Sun, Australia, September 10, 2007

In the well-deserved rewards department, you can't do better than Robert Amsterdam's announcement that
I'm pleased to express my warmest congratulations to my friend and colleague, Grigory Pasko, who was awarded the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Special Prize 2007 on Friday in Osnabrück, Germany, birthplace of the famous anti-war author of "All Quiet on the Western Front." Some media coverage of the award ceremony can be found here and here, and photos are attached below. Grigory, who joined us as a special guest blogger to this website last year, shared the ceremony by the highly respected historian, Tony Judt, author of the book "Postwar," among others.
Girigori is a true Russian patriot and hero, with more genuine love for Russia in one fingernail than Vladimir Putin has in his whole body -- and Pasko could easily become the next Politkovskaya, let's not forget that. He is a man of Herculean courage and passion for his hative land.

Photos of the event from RA's blog:

Pasko on the left, viewing the wall of fame

Delivering his acceptance speech

Receiving his award

Signing the log book

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