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Friday, September 14, 2007

September 14, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Putin's Russia Leads the World . . . in Toxic Waste

(2) Annals of Russian Efficiency

(3) Russian Orphanages are Criminal Prep Schools

(4) Socor Slashes Schroeder to Bits

(5) You Can't Fool all of the Faithful all of the Time

NOTE: Robert Amsterdam and his "Politechnologist" offer fascinating insights into the recent governmental shakeup within the Kremlin. The upshot? Russia has a perverse, mutant government that just keeps right on doing neo-Soviet things that can only end up destroying the country utterly.


Penny said...

"Vlad understands that you mustn’t give up the power you have now – nobody’s going to give it back to you."

A brilliant analysis on the ascension from the shadows of Putin's obscure bit players now surfacing.

Of course, all of this has the tacit approval of most of the Russian sheeple. People ultimately get the government they deserve. Granted Russia has more than its share of broken down alcoholic zombies, but, the elite, the college students, the capable will make no sacrific to stop this. You will not see them in meaningful numbers out on the streets with the beaten down opposition parties.

I just hope that Khordorkovsy isn't murdered in his prison cell.

Anonymous said...

This morning I read your post, and then went about my business. I was watching a news story from Palestine covering actions by Israel. a bit slanted, though taking advantage of a US protester caught up in the situation who didn’t understand the situation.
After all, she came from the US and from the west. A set of countries i can almost guarantee that you come from. The west has a large tradition of tolerating protest. The east does not, nor do other areas and regimes.

As I pointed out I was watching a video, and it totally reminded me of you. you are the same as that US protester in Palestine attempting to protest isreal bulldozing homes.

Like ford prefect in hitchhikers guide, she set herself to protesting. The news crew covering it (aka people video taping that then edited it into a pseudo news thing), shows the video of what happens. Meanwhile the speaking overdub points out that she didn’t understand the difference between protesting in America, and protesting someplace else in the world.

She ran up and stood in front of the bulldozer. As the video claims the driver could see her, not as isreal claims that he could not (though the point is irrelevant given how the world REALLY works, which is something I am trying to teach you here)

The bulldozer lowered its blade on her and slowly drover over her.

The other protesters ran over and there is still footave of them holding her and telling you that how she clawed at the blade to get it to stop,,, but it had already broken both her legs and such. and she complained about he broken back. through the images you can see that what was left of her was twisted like some 5 year old took his sisters doll and twisted the body like a washrag. She died in their arms.

Later they went back to the same site to have a vigil and a memorial service, and the armored personnel carriers and such laid down fire.

All I could think about was your comment… how the people of russia were sheeple. They are not, they are smart enough to know the machine that they lived under. The people of the WEST are sheeple. They can protest, they can stand up for their real rights, and they don’t. that’s a lot different than the other systems.

When a country is free, you hear a lot of protests, and much of the time its fellow travelers getting their orders from illegal’s, who then go out and coordinate the useful idiots. Given enough time and the egalitarian idea that there is no such thing as a dangerous idea... you get a regime change as they have done in Venezuela. Then the game changes.

In past years you saw lots of students protesting… they wanted socialism.. they wanted the state to make it more fair. JUST LIKE IN THE US AND EUROPE… and just like the west is flirting with, they voted the guy in that said that he was creating a new socialism. Just to make you aware, that’s the same crap they say every time someone says, what about what happened in the past? oh…we have a new square like no other square you ever saw (but no one asks how can it still be a square then?).

Now lets address your actual statements.

First, let me take your nastiest one…

Russia has more than its share of broken down alcoholic zombies

What a quick once over that was. how about stopping to ask yourself WHY they have this? well the country, rather than the rulership, is more matriarchal. The same laws that they have been putting in place in the US and the west were first created in Lennins russia. No fault divorce, the destruction of family, the teaching of no responsibility because that’s the states job, and so on.

The men have no place, just like the African American man in the cities. Our policies give him no place either. The destruction of the family, a necessity that all Russian rulers promoted and the experiment with all that was a major problem and still is. Russian men have long ago found out that its better to not be a part or participant of anything, if the state didn’t get you, your partner would.

However there is more to it. the reason that capitalism didn’t take hold and such was that they had been running a 100 year breeding program. Those that were honest, and open and such, were sent to die slowly in the gulags. That only left the sociopathic thugs who could act and play the schizo game, or those who were so apathetic that the state ignored them.

Just as you can breed a new kind of dog by taking a Rhodesian ridgeback and British bull dog, and turn out a real fighter (a pit bull)… you can do the same with any animal you effect their life choices, even people. This makes planned economies even nastier than they are… and they are VERY nasty!

Here in the united states, the entitlements mean that a dumber, less capable person can get assistance and have more children (which will need the state more), than a smarter, more capable person who is being tapped and their resources taken and they have less children. it only takes three or four generations of kenishatatatoi having 6 puppies, and Mr and Mrs Middle class having 1, to create a population heavy with misfits who cant function.

the elite, the college students, the capable will make no sacrifice to stop this

And this is the sentence that tells me your in the west. Like that poor girl that stood in front of a bull dozer and wasted her life. The people will not celebrate her, there will be no memorial. Any decent thing she might do is over. And any contribution of her genes to the pool of mankind is over too. not only did she get herself killed, but if she is an only child, she removed her unbroken family line (going back to the first bacteria) never to return.

The elite, the college students and such are the “fronts” that the soviet or socialist revolutionaries USE to change a current regime. The west allows protests, and the west tries not to say this speech is harmful (except if its leftist censorship), and so the students get to protest. There are no laws that say what your write has to be truth, and so lies and propaganda are valid now.

Socialists lie. They claim the other side lies, and what happens is that everyone focuses on their falls hand off, but they lie more than any other political group, and they lie to get power. because totalitarian power to rework the population and the whole of the culture is their goal. the rate in which they do this depends on the population.

There are a lot of ‘fronts’ in the west. The largest and most powerful are the feminists. They are working towards the same communism that we are talking about in russia.

"Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism." - Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

In fact, all their points are the same as the points that destroyed the Russian peoples so that the KGB and the ELITE of the Supreme Soviet could be made in the west too. gorbachev refered to the EU more than once as the European soviet.

However, what happens AFTER the fellow travelers get he usful idiots (student protestors, rad fems, gay liberation fronts, and on and on), is the more interesting thing.

Historically speaking, they are removed, or neutralized.

So that list you have… that you intuitively now know are the ones whose skill is needed to change the state, against the states and peoples will, are the ones that you are calling on to change that state.

However that’s a totalitarian state, they are not limited by the things that you think limit all of us. like the humanists thinking everyone is good, and there is no such thing as evil, you think that western moral momentum is natural. It isn’t. which is why, when the socialists fix something its worse than it was before! They want it to break to cause the change.

Now here is the punchline for you. the groups that you are aware of that are breaking this nation, are here because of the leadership of russia. You can go through tons of quotes and archives and, you will find that the leaders of these groups are communist socialists. They believe that if they make the revolution, that they will be rewarded by their masters with power and position and the ability to change the country the way THEY want…

But their time is only the time before the change. were are the students in chavez country? where are the student protests in russia? Where is the gay liberation fronts in the eastern socialist states?

They don’t exist other than for show to the west. The move of russia is the same move that Mao did.. they loosen up to find out who is what, and then they remove them.

The only protests your allowed are in FREE countries… and the only protests that are common there is to create a soviet style state.. then protests are no longer allowed or needed.

The cheka are still alive… the people of russia still know that… they still know how it works… you don’t even hear much from the Russians here in the US… why? because they live in enclaves and those enclaves have the same Russian mobsters overseeing things and the GRU making sure they don’t act up, or tha they do things for them.

So the protests and the discussions and the false lies and such only serve a purpose in one direction. To move us from small government ruled by the people, to large government ruled by the oligarchs that claim to be helping the people.

take some time and check out what the femnisits have actually done and what laws they have changed, a good look and you will see that they have created most of them in opposition to what women want! And they still promote the lies that have been shown to be lies for ages (like the salary 77 cents to the dollar thing. discounted long ago, but even hitlery spouts it now).

"A world where men and women would be equal is easy to visualize, for that precisely is what the Soviet Revolution promised." - Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex (New York, Random House, 1952), p.806

Most don’t spend their time reading what their leaders actually want.. they are useful idiots that transfer their power to liars and cheats who will sell them into slavery claiming to be making a better world.

"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within." -- Josef Stalin

"The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it." -- Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race, (Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923)

"A world where men and women would be equal is easy to visualize, for that precisely is what the Soviet Revolution promised." -- Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, (New York, Random House, 1952), p.806

"No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one." -- Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, "Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma," Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18

"The first condition of the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex back into public industry, and this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society." [Engels, p.67]

So where are these protestors? They are gone. They either flee and start over in the west spewing poison, or they are put in mental institutions and drugged, or they are talked to and paid to change their tune, or they are killed.

The protesters in tianemen square were killed within two weeks. Except for the student leaders who were really PLA gathering the protestors into one place and exposing them so that they could be removed.

Still think the Russian people are sheeple? Their state can do ANYTHING it wants to them. ANYTHING… it can make them disappear in a black moria… it can torture them for years till they change their minds.

How can they do anything? the gay liberation fronts came to russia because they weren’t going to have a gay parade as they have in the west. They thought it was an oversight, as they believed the rhetorical lies and thought that if they showed up, the state will listen.

Instead the soviets (which is what the leaders are), had them surrounded by officers, and then they let nashi, the skin heads and religious extremists have a go on them and such.

Happened in Poland too…

What you and others like you don’t get is that you can protest because your sort of free. That your letting them abuse the freedom to maniupulate you away from it. read the quotes again… go out and read more…

If you actually read what the leaders of these student groups wanted, and what they stand for, you should be rightfully horrified… most want communism… they would rather have that than the immoral (to them) proposition of a person earning 100 million a year, while others starved… however they never believe that that’s better than the majority starving, no one owning anything, and the leadership getting billions a year.

If you look at the humanist councils and fronts of secularism, read the names.. then read what they stood for… john dewey, father of American education… was a communist spy.. found out in the venona transcripts…

Franz boaz was in the same communist front that Mencken was in before he changed sided… and he tapped another communist by the name of Margret meade… she went to the wilds of the world and then wrote about female sexuality in matriarchies… we now have her notes and interviews with those she worked with in that she was lying. She was writing because franz a communist was shilling money to her to write this for communist ideological purposes. She still is highly sited in journals and things… it will take 100 years to wash that poision away… however, study farther and she tapped a wealthy woman who had been writing tracts for the communist party usa (cpusa)… her name was Naomi Goldstein. She had a mansion, her husband was a wealthy socialist, had maids and butlers and her kids had nannies. She later divorced him and dragged his reputation through the mudd. but her place in our culture was secure till she started to try to fix things.

Who was she? Well her other name was betty Freidan, and she kicked off the feminist communist front in the 60s… hillaries term paper from weselly cant be read, its about marx and how Marxism is right… (and she might be president… remember Hitler was voted in.. chavez was voted in).

So you want to know where the elite are, the students are, and such? they are here in the west working hard to make communism here too. they want it. they love it, they think it’s the best.

There, why do they need that there? its already communist… why would communist students, intelligentsia, and all the rest want to make it communist, it already is.

Right now those students are having fun at nashi.. the state has nice shows, they get to meet and all the adults are telling them to have orgies and such. trying to solve the birth problem by such planned games….

Time for you to wake up penny… red pill, or blue?

Penny said...

Artfldgr - Since Yeltsin, Russians have had opportunities without much repression to demand a civil society, but, they didn't.

You've made my point, people essentially get the government they deserve.

How can they do anything?

They got the tools to organize themselves - computers, cell phones, fax machines, more Russian living abroad, open borders, a far cry from the days of no mass communication under the USSR.

The real question is why won't they?

They are not, they are smart enough to know the machine that they lived under. The people of the WEST are sheeple.

I'd take the US out of that equation. We have a long and consistent history of when necessary changing the course of whatever policies we don't like in free elections. Socialist Europe, on the hand, has the elites in Brussels overriding their freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Since Yeltsin, Russians have had opportunities without much repression to demand a civil society, but, they didn't.

Unlike you and the west they remember the previous loosening up of the politic, which usually preceded purges and things when tightening up.

When Mao did it was called the “Hundred Flowers Movement”, to quote Mao:
“letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend.”

The purpose of the movement had nothing to do with the stated purpose. It was a loosening up of the culture and everything, to draw out people. These people would be noted, and later when the petals fade, and be removed.

If one studies history beyond the childish version one gets in school today one might come across this:

In his letter to provincial Party chiefs in 1957, Mao Zedong spoke his intention of “luring the snakes out of their holes” by letting them air their views freely in the name of freedom of thought

Slogans at the time encouraged people to speak up and promised no reprisals—the Party would not “grab pigtails, strike with sticks, issue hats, or settle accounts after the autumn,” meaning the party would not find fault, make attacks, place labels, or seek to retaliate. Yet soon the CCP initiated an “anti-rightist” movement, declaring 540,000 of the people who dared to speak up as “rightists.” Among them, 270,000 lost their jobs and 230,000 were labeled as “medium rightists” or “anti-CCP anti-socialist elements.” Later some summarized the CCP’s political stratagems of persecution into four items: Luring the snakes out of holes; fabricating crimes, attacking suddenly, and punishing with a single accusation; attacking relentlessly in the name of saving people; and forcing self-criticism and using the most severe labels.
From the ‘fall’ to now has been less than 20 years…
The people are smarter than you… you seemed to want to learn nothing from what I put forth, you REFUSE to believe the actions that are open to a totalitarian, authoritarian, or communitarian state…

You wrongly assume what the situation was with Yeltsin in several ways.

The biggest way is in what ‘freedom’ is and what it entails and what your assumptions are. you are used to being somewhat free. Which means that you are more used to being responsible for yourself, and know how to move in the world in which there are no real rules. However, socialists are afraid of the world, they want to control it, and the people under them become domesticated. Like a cow, or a horse, or any kind of drought animal.

You imagine some flinging open the gates and the slaves running free like in the movies. The truth is that many liked and preferred their horrible slavery to the freedom to fail. They knew in slavery if they did what was expected for them, they would be ok. What most here don’t realize was that ok here, was a lot better than really good there.

Well, you can fling open the gilded cage of the bird, but the bird will not leave it. the situation has to change for several generations. In which each generation learns to have their own legs, to see their own things, and to act on their own, without being concerned about what the state thinks.

However, 20 years is not enough time for that to happen. It’s the chance for one generation to grow up under the knee of the cows and horses saying how much nicer it was since you didn’t have to think for yourself, and such. no wonder nashi is full, they don’t even believe the stories of how bad stalin was. he is a hero! The best leader the Soviet Union ever had, if you read their text books.

Now to get you your point…

You've made my point, people essentially get the government they deserve.

No.. I haven’t, you have decided to gloss over paragraphs of points that explain to you why a domesticated animal an never be free… but its children can…

You envision tons of things that are for mostly movies… you believe things that arent true. The next set of statements from you make that very clear..

They got the tools to organize themselves - computers, cell phones, fax machines, more Russian living abroad, open borders, a far cry from the days of no mass communication under the USSR.

Computers, cell phones, and fax machines… the keys to revolution…

What is the percentage of people that have these things? Who is more likely to have this, a party member getting perks enough to afford it? Or the average person who couldn’t afford one with a few years salary?

The leftists complain about the NSA and CIA, and the US government of snooping on their own, and that’s a scandal… but you think that the soviets (kgb, fsb, gru, etc), don’t spy on their own people?

Your whole sentence shows totally how ignorant you are.

Computers are all traceable… even in the west.. therefore, anything you say to link up and organize yourselves is not actually open to them. they have killed 300 journalists, people who the west knows and will say “where are they”, but the average person your talking about, they don’t even have that little bit.

A computer has to link up through a computer network. In russia, who runs the computer entworks and grants addresses? How easy is it for them to scan pages and email to see if someone is plotting or planning even a protest? Could this be why they cant assemble freely.

You take your freedoms for granted… you don’t realize what its like to live in a state when the state actually is against you. all you have is your fantasies that it is, but you enver actually examine them.

Fax machines and printers…,118664-page,1/article.html

The above link will tell you why fax machines and printers don’t work for what your talking about.

Next time you make a printout from your color laser printer, shine an LED flashlight beam on it and examine it closely with a magnifying glass. You might be able to see the small, scattered yellow dots printed there that could be used to trace the document back to you. According to experts, several printer companies quietly encode the serial number and the manufacturing code of their color laser printers and color copiers on every document those machines produce. Governments, including the United States, already use the hidden markings to track counterfeiters.

Seems like the people are not so paranoid are they? They have seen this before.. and they don’t want a part of it.. they have learned that the best way to stay alive, was not to get involved no matter what.

You have no idea what its like to live in a place where there is no where to run… in the US a cop beats you, you have a place to run to. Contrary to movies, there is no place for such people to do that to you and really hide. However, imagine the situation where they police can do that, and there is NO outrage, commentary, or anything. and if you come to complain, the person you complain puts you in prison, because only a guilty person would get beaten.

As far as Russians living abroad… well then you don’t know any of the history of the GRU/SVR/KGB/ cheka, stasi, Spetsnaz, smersh and more…

They have traditionally controlled the enclaves of Russians all around the world (the Chinese do similar). Go to little Odessa, and get to know people. Like the Italians control little Italy, and the tong control Chinatown, the Russian mob and the agencies control the immigrants.

Since your tilted, here is a source from THEM…

The undercover residency is one of the basic forms of intelligence set-up for the GRU abroad. (It should be remembered that the undercover residency and the illegal residency are completely separate entities.) In every country where official Soviet representation exists there is a GRU undercover residency. It exists in parallel with, and is analogous to, the KGB undercover residency. Thus every overseas Soviet colony is invisibly divided into three organisations: the 'clean ones', that is the genuine diplomats and correspondents, and the representatives of external trade, civil airlines, the merchant navy, and Intourist, headed by the ambassador; the undercover residency of the GRU; and the undercover residency of the KGB.
Just this one paper is an eye opener…

In speaking about the undercover residency we must not forget to mention another category of people participating in espionage activities — co-opted personnel. These are Soviet citizens abroad who are not officers of the GRU or the KGB, but fulfil a number of tasks set them by these organisations. The co-opted person may be of any rank from doorman to ambassador and he carries out very different tasks, from studies of the foreigners surrounding him to clearing dead-letter boxes. The KGB has always been interested in the exploitation of co-opted persons; following the principle of 'don't stick your own neck out if you can get somebody else to stick it out for you'. The GRU is not so keen, using co-opted persons only in exceptional cases. Its guiding principle is: 'don't trust even your best friend with your motor car, girlfriend — or agent'. The rewards for a co-opted person are monetary ones which, unlike the basic salary, are not subject to tax. Usually in every embassy, consulate and trade representation, out of every ten 'clean' officials, seven are co-opted onto the KGB staff, one onto the GRU staff; only the remaining two are clean. Either they are complete idiots, or the sons of members of the Central Committee whom wild horses could not force to have anything to do with intelligence. In other words, in Soviet official institutions, it is a very, very tricky matter indeed to meet a man who has no connections with intelligence.

You are the kind of person who doesn’t know how to survive in the neo regime. The people you are grousing about know about the above. they have spent their lives knowing what goes on and pretending it doesn’t exist. INSIDE SOVIET MILITARY INTELLIGENCE

its an interesting read…

however, here is a GREAT paragraph that will tell you a whole lot. it shows that contrary to how the leftists see themselves, this is how their future masters see them. and the soviet people fear the “sht eaters” too… because they are the normal people in their lives who are willing to seell those around them for a reward. They are the brother, the sister, the person who will tell the leaders that they are protesting and they are working to do something.

You forget that they started all this by conversting in back rooms, printing papers, and such things… do you think they would actually allow the same to happen, when they credit the same for all that they have achieved?

Read this, and see where leftists and certain people stand in their eyes (la Russophobe might also like to show it pointing out how the people who the leftists are helping see the leftists themselves! how deluded they are, that they work so hard, and the people who they are working for see them this way)

In examining different kinds of agents, people from the free world who have sold themselves to the GRU, one cannot avoid touching on yet another category, perhaps the least appealing of all. Officially one is not allowed to call them agents, and they are not agents in the full sense of being recruited agents. We are talking about the numerous members of overseas societies of friendship with the Soviet Union. Officially, all Soviet representatives regard these parasites with touching feelings of friendship, but privately they call them 'shit-eaters' ('govnoed'). It is difficult to say where this expression originated, but it is truly the only name they deserve. The use of this word has become so firmly entrenched in Soviet embassies that it is impossible to imagine any other name for these people. A conversation might run as follows: Today we've got a friendship evening with shit-eaters', or Today we're having some shit-eaters to dinner. Prepare a suitable menu'.
Officers of both the GRU and the KGB have very much more respect for their agents than for the shit-eaters. The motives of agents are clear — an easy life and plenty of money. If you take risks and lose, then no money and no easy life. To the end of his life the agent will not be able to tear himself away from this servitude — as is the case in the criminal world. But the behaviour of the numerous friends of the Soviet Union is utterly incomprehensible to Soviet people. In the Soviet Union everybody without exception wishes to be abroad, to go absolutely anywhere, even if only with one eye to look at Mongolia or Cambodia. Oh! to be abroad, is the cry, led by the children of Brezhnev, Gromyko and Andropov. When Soviet people want to say that a thing is outstandingly good, they say, 'Really, this must be foreign.' It does not matter which country it comes from, or what its quality or age — it has to be foreign. But suddenly one finds these friends of the Soviet Union, who enjoy all the fruits of civilisation down to Gillette razor blades, who can buy anything they want in the shops, even bananas, and yet they praise the Soviet Union. No, these people are nothing but shit-eaters according to Soviet intelligence. The contempt felt for them does not prevent the GRU and KGB from using them whenever they can. They do everything free, and they will even come to meetings in secure places like the Soviet Embassy.
The recruitment of such people is not recommended by the Central Committee, but why bother to recruit them when they bring such advantages without being recruited? The GRU usually makes use of the shit-eaters 'in the dark', in other words not saying what they are used for or how much they benefit from their services. They usually ask from them information about their neighbours, friends, acquaintances, fellow workers and so on. Sometimes one of them is asked to organise an evening party with one or another of his acquaintances, after which the GRU thanks him and tells him to forget what has happened. They are very good people, they forget everything.

So much for expecting the foreigners who are as far as they can be but still under the thumb of their masters. They just want to live, and they don’t want any part of this. yet, even far from their old home. the fingers go far.

Here is what Suvorov says about what is known… he is talking about you!!! a person who when they make an assessment, behave as if all this other stuff doestn exist, or that it’s a minimal nothing (or maybe that its too expensive).

In the Soviet Union the registration plates of certain cars from Georgia end with the letters GRU. This amusing coincidence goes unnoticed by almost everybody, including the police, for the GRU is unknown in the Soviet Union except to a small circle of enlightened ones. Even in the general staff, of which the GRU is a part, thousands of colonels simply consider that 'military department 44388', whence comes all espionage information, is a branch of the KGB. Moreover, KGB officers who guard Soviet embassies overseas but are not members of the KGB intelligence organisation consider, in many cases, that there is only one residency in the embassy, that of the KGB.

So in this one paragraph you learn that even those working from the inside, don’t know the picture! And the next paragraph shows that the outside knows more, but that its also a skewed picture.

Much is known about the GRU by Western specialists, but the ordinary Western man in the street has practically no idea at all about it. His attitude is analogous to his attitude to the mythical animal from a Scottish loch: either it exists, there have been photographs published of it, or then again perhaps it does not exist. Some believe, others do not, but decidedly nobody is frightened of the animal. Nevertheless, how can so little be known about the GRU, given that it certainly exists and certainly possesses colossal power?

Your paragraph shows that you don’t believe that they are powerful. In fact, they are VERY powerful. You will notice that you know a lot more about the KGB, but almost nothing about the GRU. The GRU stem from the original tchecka of lennin. The KGB fears the GRU.

Kruschev by no means revealed everything, but only that which at a given moment might bring him undoubted political capital. He pointed to the mass executions in Stalin's time but forgot to mention the mass executions in Lenin's time. He mentioned the destruction of the communist leaders in 1937 but omitted the destruction of the peasants in 1930. He demonstrated the role of the NKVD but completely forgot the role of the communist party as the main, leading and directing force. Kruschev was interested in showing up the crimes of the Organs within the country and he did show up several of them. Revelations of crimes committed overseas did not enter into Kruschev's plans. They could not bring him any political advantage.

So here is the deal.. half truths, and ambiguity… all relying on the fact that you don’t know your history enough to catch them on it. that your judge of thigns is how they sound, and make you feel, not in what your brain spits out sans the skew and tints.

A bit more to see if you can understand this stuff:

The state structure of any communist country strikingly resembles the structure of the Soviet Union. Even if it finds itself in conflict with the Soviet Union or has been able to escape from its influence, it is much the same in character. The cult of personality is a general rule for all communist countries, and any 'big brother' needs an all-powerful secret police force to preserve that cult. Then there must be another secret organisation to counter-balance the power of the first one.

So if the state employs thugs, it keeps them all pointing at each other and overseeing each other so only the supreme thugs win… and you can see that the first thing that happens is they change the state structure… and if a new state doesn’t fix that, the same thing snaps back eventually.

So to tie this up… the people know what its like to have friends disappear in the middle of the night. The fact is that people are disappearing in the middle of the night still. But who would they tell? Their neighbors who know it too, but dare not talk about it? the western press? Write a letter and it never arrives but you disappear later.. or have an accident, stomach cancer, or a heart attack?

The real question is why won't they?

Because of the above… 20 years and they all knew the deal… that’s why they didn’t even try… while in china, they forgot the deal.. and tried… but later… it will make the same difference.

As far as taking the US out of the equation, your also wrong. the US has lost control of its policies. In case you didn’t know it, the majority are against gay marriage, against the destruction of the family, against abortion the way it is now, against losses of freedom, and the list goes on and is very long.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the left, the democrats are working ahrd to make a northern union… to sovietize the US/Mexico/ and Canada…

And when something doesn’t work because of socialism, capitalism gets the blame…

Your part of all that… you actually don’t get how… well see if you learn though… doubtfull.. useful idiots don’t usually learn till its way to late to draw up andn stop from running over the cliffs.

The fact of your naivette of the situation shows how it all works…

You REFUSE to learn or understand… all you want to do is assert and be heard and be accepted… in the leftists camp, they accept like this… and so you feel you have made a point, they don’t care what your point is, they think they have a useful follower that they can send to do things (which is why its not expensive. The victims pay for their own enslavement)

Your post, as usual leftist posts wants to win… it wants to make a point and have that point win… but your so broken by their acceptance game, your frustrated. You cant make logical points and things and refute. Especially since you don’t write muich more than a blind assertive sentence, that you never really examined.

You never really examined how computers, fax machines, and cell phones are technologies that are under control of the state… you didn’t realize that it’s the constitutional protection of dissent and speech that makes those tags in printers only used to catch counterfeiters and terrorists… and not to get you for your political views..

However, you don’t care to know how to the world works.. you already know, and you get peeved when others don’t fall in line with this special knowing that’s cool when left unexamined.

The same reason they don’t do anything is the same reason that socailsits here don’t move there!! they know inside the truth… but they think thy are building something different… just ask them.

The people of the west are sht eaters and sheeple… they are not the way you see them.. they are voting in socialism… and socialism is the antithesis to capitalism, and freedom!!!

They refuse to give up on socialism, and instead have crossed the line in entitlements, favoritism, and even more.. VAWA, is not gender neutral… so how can it be equal in the law? It cant, we have been sovietized, and you think we are superior. Meanwhile our elected officials are pusing communism, and you don’t even know enough of it to understand how to get out of the way!