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Thursday, September 13, 2007

EDITORIAL: Annals of Charles Ganske, Servant of the Beast


Russia Blog Sinks Further into the Abyss

We genuinely did not think it could be possible for Russophile scumbag Charles Ganske of Russia Blog to sink any deeper into the muck of dishonesty and treachery to the United States, but he's outdone himself.

In a naked propaganda gesture so shameless and vile as to be offensive even to the ridiculous "standards" Russia Blog has set for itself, Ganske has attempted -- on the September 11th anniversary itself, mind you -- to equate the 9/11 terror attack on New York City with the Beslan tragedy, implying that Russians and Americans are in the same boat and therefore Americans should give Russians pretty much whatever they want. He doesn't have the guts to actually do this in words, so instead he just posts a bunch of pictures. If you look at them and think only a little, you will feel your stomach turn as you hear the fetid whispers of Stalin.

Here are just some of the reasons that Beslan and 9/11 have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with each other:

1. Russia has been repeatedly convicted in international tribunals of gross human rights abuses against the people represented by the Beslan terrorists. Russia Blog has totally ignored all these convictions, a continuation of its outrageous propaganda campaign on behalf of the Kremlin (instead, the only critical reporting Russia Blog ever does on Russia are insignificant points designed to distract attention from bigger problems and create the illusion of objectivity -- take for example Yuri Mamchur's pathetic comments about a traffic collision he thinks could have been avoided). No such convictions have been entered against the United States in connection with any peoples represented by the 9/11 terrorists.

2. The Kremlin has brutally silenced the Beslan truth movement, as we've repeatedly reported on this blog. Again, Russia Blog has totally ignored these reports as its frenzied, pathological propaganda campaign moves into high gear. This movement argues that the Kremlin's own negligence was as responsible for the loss of live at Beslan as were the terrorist raiders. No such statements can be made about the 9/11 attack, nor would the U.S. government be able to squelch such an investigation as the Kremlin has easily done.

3. Far more people were killed on 9/11 (2,974) than at Beslan (334) -- almost ten times more. Russians always bristle whenever "ignorant" Americans dare to compare U.S. casualties during World War II with those of Russia, which were far greater, yet their Russophile shils like Gankse have no problem comparing Beslan and 9/11. That's an outrage.

4. Perhaps most important of all, Russia is actively supporting radical Islam against the United States, including providing nuclear technology and missiles to Iran, weapons to Syria, and huge pots of cash and diplomatic cover to Hamas and Hezbollah. Russia is encouraging future acts of terror against the United States by taking these actions. No such acts are being taken by the US in places like Chechnya. Again, Russia's outrageous support for these groups, which is contrary even to its own basic security interests and motivated by a blind contempt for the United States, has been completely ignored by Russia Blog.

We've grown used to the way in which Russia Blog ritualistically perverts the truth as it seeks to assist the rise of dictatorship in Russia. But this 9/11 post is an escalation, a direct attempt to undermine the national security of the United States by lulling it into the ridiculous view that Russia is a sympathetic nation similarly being victimized by terrorist aggression. This is exactly the same tactic that was employed by Soviet spies during the original Cold War, and it is shocking to see it so nakedly on display in our modern times. We condemn Russia Blog for its outrageous propaganda and call upon the blogosphere to strike down this outrage.


Anonymous said...

1. "nothing to do with eachother"? You sound like those Democrats saying that the Al-Qaida in Iraq is not the real Al-Qaida.

The late Shamil Basayev, who bragged about masterminding the attacks, publicly pledged allegiance to Bin Laden.

2. "Far fewer people were killed" -but at least the 9/11 victims died quickly, and most of them were adults, not kids being forced to drink their own urine to avoid dying of thirst and having to watch their teachers get shot in the head.

3. If I have to do a search for 9/11 or World Trade Center on the web and read one more damn "truther" site arguing that the "truth" has been covered up by BushitlerHalliburton, I think I'll puke.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Do only American lives count and not Russian children? You sound like those idiot college professors who said that America had it coming on 9/11 or that all the victims were little Eichmanns. Get a grip.

La Russophobe said...


You are a raving psychopath. You adopt EXACTLY the same attitude TOWARDS this post that you complain about. You're one amazing hypocrite.

The FAMILIES of the 9/11 victims do not blame the U.S. government for causing their losses. The FAMILIES of the Belsan victims DO blame the Kremlin. Your attempt to equate some conspiracy theory wackos with the families is grossly offensive and disgusting.

We never said the Beslan incident wasn't a tragedy. It was, and it deserves ITS OWN day of remembrance, having NOTHING to do with 9/11. We simply said it is not comparable in any way to 9/11, and nothing you've said changes that. You offer no added value of any kind, no links, just your own crazy diatribe, as if you really think that's worth something. Your statements implying that Basayev had something to do with 9/11 are just plain psychotic, and we only publish them to show what sort of genuine maniac you have to be to defend this despicable propaganda. You're a real case study in that area.

9/11 deserves its own remembrance, separate and apart from any event in Russia to which is was wholly unrelated. Many of us live in New York City. We doubt you do, and we're offended by your suggestion to the contrary. It's a tragedy of far greater magnitude than Beslan and includes a lingering toxic poisoning of thousands of survivors. Moreover, we suggest you read a bit. Many who were killed on 9/11 suffered extreme torture before they were killed, jumping out of WTC windows and spending harrowing hours on a jet plane. You claim we minimize the Beslan suffering, yet YOU minimize 9/11. That's just plain sick.

Meanwhile, you ignore the point, which is that there are very serious allegations that THE KREMLIN caused the suffering that occurred at Beslan, whilst the American government has never been accused by anyone of a botched rescue effort. You yourself admit that the 9/11 incident occurred more quickly, hence rescue was not an issue. That is why they are no comparable incidents and it is irresponsible to link them.

Conspicuous by its absence from your statement is ANY call for justice on behalf of the Beslan truth movement that is being oppressed by the Kremlin or the thousands of others Russia has been formally convicted of oppressing in the ECHR. The fact that you can ignore these issues so totally while daring to lecture this blog immediately costs you any vague hint of credibility. Frankly, you're just embarrassing.

You seem to be a rather illiterate ape, and hence unable to grasp the basic thrust of this post -- it's that Russia Blog has not reported the basic facts about the Russian government's behavior in Chechnya or at Beslan but rather has sought to gloss them over in a naked propaganda effort. As such, your own comments cannot be viewed as anything other than self-serving propaganda. Shame on you for being so hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

I never said Basayev was involved in 9/11, I said he had pledged allegiance to Bin Laden and was a member of Al-Qaeda by any definition. So why did you just make that up?

And why do you think Beslan is incomparable to 9/11? President Bush and several U.S. Senators who visited the place made the comparison.

Nobody was minimizing 9/11, but you were minimizing Beslan because you are a crazy person who hates Russians.