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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Award for Politkovskaya

Monsters and Critics reports that Anna Politkovskaya is under consideration for yet an other prestigious human rights award. One can't help but ask, though, whether the world paid her enough attention and gave her enough protection while she was alive, and whether it is doing all it can to identify, nurture and protect her successors. We at LR don't think so.

We take this opportunity to remind readers that we will devote the content of our blog on October 7th, the one-year anniversary of her killing, to material about this great Russian hero, and we are actively soliciting original submissions (of any length) from readers reflecting on her life, her murder and its aftermath. If you would like to contribute, send by e-mail to larussophobe[AT]yahoo[DOT]com.

A slain investigative reporter from Russia, a Sudanese lawyer and two Chinese dissidents have been shortlisted for the Sakharov Prize, the EU's prestigious human rights award, officials said Tuesday. Anna Politkovskaya was an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chechen conflict. She was shot dead in the lift of her apartment building on October 7, 2006.

Two Italian liberal lawmakers have proposed naming the press room of the European Parliament after her. Salih Mahmoud Osman is a Sudanese human rights attorney who provides free legal representation for the victims of Sudan's civil war and human rights abuses. Zeng Jinyan reports on human rights abuses in China through her daily internet blog. Her husband Hu Jia is an AIDS and environmental activist. Named after Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, the yearly Sakharov Prize has been awarded by the European Parliament (EP) since 1988 'to individuals or organizations who have made an important contribution to the fight for human rights or democracy,' organizers said. In addition to the title, the winner receives the sum of 50,000 euros (70,570 dollars). Past winners include Nelson Mandela, the first president of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova, and the United Nations. The winner will be picked by the EP's political group leaders on October 25. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place in Strasbourg on December 11.

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