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Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Another Sign of the Neo-Soviet Apocalypse

(2) Zhirinovsky Smears All Britain, Queen

(3) Nashi Rounds up the Usual Suspects

(4) Annals of Russian Racism: Nobody is Safe

(5) Sarkozy Confronts Putin!

(6) The Best-Laid Plains of Mice . . . and Rats Named Putin

NOTE: One can't praise highly enough the yeoman efforts of the heroic reporters, editors and publishers at the Moscow Times -- the little paper that could. It's simply indispensible for truly understanding what is going on in today's Russia, and this is clearly seen in the fact that every single one of today's posts is drawn from the two most recent editions of the paper. It goes without saying that the only reason the Times gets away with this work is that it's published only in English and therefore not accessible to the vast majority of Russians. But despite that, one can't help but feel that the paper's days are numbered as the paranoid, thuggish neo-Soviet noose of dictator Vladimir Putin constricts ever closer around the nation's throat. The paper is to be especially commended for arranging the return, in today's issue, of the brilliant columnist Pavel Felgenhauer, something La Russophobe had specifically written the MT's new editor to request some time ago (the previous benighted editor had terminated Felgenhauer in the worst decision the paper ever made). Bravo! Encore! Thank heavens for the Moscow Times!

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