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Saturday, March 10, 2007

There's Good Luck, There's Bad Luck and then there's Kremlin Luck

As LR reported on March 1st, on Sunday February 25th, the American TV news magazine Dateline NBC aired a report on the killing of Alexander Litvinenko. MSNBC also carried a report. The reports confirmed that British authorities believe Litvinenko perished in a "state-sponsored" assasination. In the opening of the broadcast, Dateline highlighted the analysis of a senior British reporter and a senior American expert on Russia who knew Litvinennko well.

Here's an excerpt from the MSNBC report:

Daniel McGrory, a senior correspondent for The Times of London, has reported many of the developments in the Litvinenko investigation. He said the police were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“While they claim, and the prime minister, Tony Blair, has claimed nothing will be allowed to get in the way of the police investigation, the reality is the police are perfectly aware of the diplomatic fallout of this story,” McGrory said.

“Let’s be frank about this: The United States needs a good relationship with Russia, and so does Europe,” said Paul M. Joyal, a friend of Litvinenko’s with deep ties as a consultant in Russia and the former Soviet states.

Noting that Russia controls a significant segment of the world gas market, Joyal said: “This is a very important country. But how can you have an important relationship with a country that could be involved in activities such as this? It’s a great dilemma.”

Five days before the broadcast aired, shortly after he was interviewed for it, McGrory was dead. His obituary reads "found dead at his home on February 20, 2007, aged 54."

Five days after the broadcast aired, Joyal was lying in a hospital bed after having been shot for no apparent reason.

There's good luck, there's bad luck and then there's Kremlin luck.


Anonymous said...

I would love to believe, as Tallulah Bankhead once said, "there is less here than meets the eye," but since it's the Kremlin's interests we're discussing, that's impossible. This intersection of events is well beyond just an odd coincidence.

Penny said...

The lack of credible perpetrators not linked to the Kremlin says it all. There aren't any.

Connnecting the dots, the mounting body count and no arrests...only an idiot at this point doesn't see Putin & Co's fingerprints all over these deaths.

Putin is free to murder until Russians say no, it's that simple. When tens of thousands take it to the streets, the reign of terror will halt. Regimes in the day and age of cell phones and internet connections don't have the advantage that Stalin did.

So, any Russians not living in denial or apathy, you need to take it to the streets. You've got the tools your parents didn't have.