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Friday, March 23, 2007

March 22, 2007 -- Contents


The Horror of Neo-Soviet Education: MGU Students Plead for Help

(2) Russia's Poor get Pulverized, Neo-Soviet Propaganda Continues Apace

(3) The Insanity of Russia's so-called Defense Policy

NOTE: A thunderous lack of interest has been expressed by the readership in the idea of moving this blog to Wordpress. It appears that, like LR herself, most readers don't care about the blog's format and that among those who do Blogger is preferred. Hence, the blog won't be moved.


James Kimer said...

Wordpress is pretty nice actually - I've often thought of running our blog over there. It is nice to be able to compress long posts - makes for easier reading...

Oh well...

La Russophobe said...


Thanks for the feedback!

You are right that post-splitting is nice and the Wordpress blog certainly looks spiffier than this one.

On the other hand, Wordpress won't let us embed active content like YouTube videos and polls, and we like that stuff. What's more, scrolling forces readers to briefly look over each whole post as they pass it, which may lead to somebody discovering something they otherwise wouldn't have.

Besides, if you want to see LR in spiffy surroundings, just pop over to Publius Pundit and gaze to your heart's delight!