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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Sunday Miscellany

Baturina devours Forbes.
Source: Ellustrator.
From the comments section:
Commenter: Aren't you afraid she'll sue you to protect her honor and
dignity, and you'll have to pay for every pageview?

Ellustrator: I've already booked my plane ticket!

Lions and tigers and owls, oh my! The Moscow Times reports: "A scantily clad, 32-year-old man was found dead early Monday in a pool of blood in an owl cage at the Moscow Zoo. A bird keeper at the zoo found the man, Alexander Luparev at about 10 a.m., lying in the cage, which is home to a Siberina long-tailed tawny owl."

Question: Which are more outrageous, the Russians
who find this funny or the Russians who don't and say

They are carrying signs that say: "HUG ME!" Notice how nobody wants to?

Take a little trip to the middle of Siberia and visit
Lake Baikal . . . it only takes two minutes!