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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is Anna Politkovskaya Day!

The Peter Weiss Foundation for Art & Politics Announces a

Worldwide reading in memoriam for Anna Politkovskaya


The following organisations are supporting the event
  • PEN/Writers in Prison network
  • Finnish Theatre Information Centre
  • German Writers' Association (Verband Deutscher Schriftsteller, verdi)
  • Reporters Without Borders
  • Goethe Institute
Elfriede Jelinek handed us a tape with her reading out the first of the chosen chapters "Machkety. A concentration camp with a commercial streak" which will be broadcasted in several radio stations.

We now have the reading texts in the following languages: Russian (original), German, English, Spanish, French, Polish and Catalan. Translations into Italian, Czech, Georgian and Arabian are on their way.

Special thanks in this respect to the publishing houses that gave us the permission for the free public reading of the texts of Anna Politkovskaya on the "Anniversary of the Political Lie" in the respective languages. Those are: Zakharov Publishers (Russia - the publishing house gave permission to read and translate the texts in any other language to which it hasn't been translated yet), DuMont (Germany), Chicago University Press (USA), Ordfront (Sweden), Like (Finland).

There will be broadcasts on the following radio stations:
  • Worldwide: Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe will make announcements of the events in the respective countries on monday and broadcast a reading of the texts in Russian on tuesday. The program will be broadcasted worldwide.
  • Germany: Deutschlandradio is going to air part of the recording of the texts read by Elfriede Jelinek at 7:07 pm in their show "Fazit"; from 11:05 pm in the same show there will be a general notice on the event
  • Germany: Live radio show in the non comercial Radio BLAU (Leipzig UKW 99,2 MHz, worldwide per live stream) 8-9 pm. Texts will be read by Politkowskaja translator Dr. Hannelore Umbreit (Leipzig) and Andreas Tretner (Berlin), translator from Russian, PEN member
  • Germany: B5 Aktuell broadcasts culture news 5 minutes to every half hour a.m.
  • Germany: Bayern2Radio will broadcast a reading in their show "Kulturwelt" at 8:30 a.m. and in their show "Das offene Buch" | radioKultur at 9:30 p.m.
  • Switzerland: Radio LoRa, Zürich (97,5 MHz) will do a feature in German and Spanish in the frame of their "Martes Latino", between 3 and 4 pm in the program "Mujeres". The recording of Elfriede Jelinek's reading will be aired, the texts will then be read again in Spanish. There will be interviews with the Zurich documentary maker Eric Bergkraut. The show will be repeated at midnight.
  • Austria: Radio Helsinki, Graz will broadcast a critical interview with Russia expert Herwig Höller regarding reporting from Russia along with extracts of a public talk with Anna Politkovskaya on her last visit in Graz
  • Austria: FRO - Freies Radio Oberösterreich; the exact program is yet to be determined
  • Austria: Freies Radio Innsbruck FREIRAD 105.9; the exact program is yet to be determined
  • USA: Broadcasting of a two-part program on Friday, March 16 and March 23 at 4:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) from KSER 90.7 FM out of Everett, Washington; texts will be read by Nancy Dahlberg, background material on the Chechnyan conflict will be read by Thomas Hubbard
  • Colombia: UN RADIO 100.4 FM is doing a one-hour feature at 1 pm
  • Poland: Radio TOK FM, the most popular "political radio" in poland, will broadcast a reading.
  • Luxemburg: RTL-Radio will broadcast an nterview with Ms. Simone Beck from the Theatre du Centaure regarding their event
There will be readings in 21 countries as follows, and the author Patricia de Souza writes about Anna Politkovskaya on her blog (in Spanish).

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