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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Russia Picks a Fight with the Entire World

Time magazine has a feature in this weeks issue that shows a map of the world where Russia is ringed by nations, painted blood-red, that it has aggressively attacked and alieated during the Putin years -- just like in the bad old days of the USSR, Russia is friendless and isolated because of its own crazed policies. Here is Time's verbal description

NORWAY A boundary dispute muddies mutual claims to a gas field in the Barents Sea

BELARUS In early '07, Russia shuts off crude oil supplies, alleging siphoning of oil meant for other nations

GEORGIA A serious geopolitical fight gets weird, with a Russian ban on Georgian wine and mineral water

JAPAN Fishermen and Russia's navy clash in a long conflict over control of Kurile Islands

UKRAINE A major gas standoff; unrest over Russia's Ukraine-based Crimea fleet

MOLDOVA Long fight over Moscow-backed breakaway territory Transdniestria

AZERBAIJAN Halts oil shipments to Russian Black Sea port after sharp gas-price hikes

CHINA Russian nationalists worry about Chinese migrants taking over borderlands

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