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Friday, December 08, 2006

ZheZhe Calls the Tune

On December 5th the new blog ZheZhe asked: "What if the killer(s) of Litvinenko were sent by Russia, or in Russia, and Litvinenko was murdered, or the murder is being used, as a pretext for getting Berezovsky back into Russia to face prosecution?"

The next day, the Times of London published a story (reported below on La Russophobe) indicating that ZheZhe had asked exactly the right question. It turned out that the Kremlin DID demand a quid pro quo, the extradition of Berezovsky in return for cooperation.

On the 5th, ZheZhe might have been labled a paranoid conspiracist cabal. Today, it's just plain prescient. Bravo! And remember that the next time someone tells you that you're leaping to conclusions of Kremlin malevolence (someone like the idiot described in the post above, for instance).

Yet another example of how the blogosphere leads the way these days in coverage and analysis of current events, especially where relatively obscure topics like Russia are concerned.

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