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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Pop Quiz

A recent item on the REGNUM wire stated:

Answering the question “If a referendum on unification of the former Soviet republics into a new alliance would be held today, would you vote for the alliance or against it?”, [voting for unification were] 51% in Russia, 45% in Ukraine, and 36% in Belarus).
Which headline do you think appeared above this statement (no fair clicking!):
(a) Among former Soviet Republics, only Russia favors reunification (and then by only bare majority)

(b) Half of Russian and Ukrainian citizens ready to vote for unification of former USSR republics
That's right, you guessed it, (b) of course! And what's more, the report indicates that Kazakhstan was also surveyed, and there is no mention of its results at all (and no link to the poll data sources). The report states: "At that the percentage of those feeling sorry for the collapse of the Soviet Union is the highest in Russia (68%)." So it's only Russians who "regret" the loss of the USSR, which they dominated, and even then 17% fewer people will vote for reunification than think the destruction of the USSR was a pity -- obviously because they can clearly see the wretched economies that their imperialist policies have inflicted and don't want to become responsible for them. (If anybody knows where the poll data referred to here can be found, please clue us in).

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