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Monday, December 25, 2006


La Russophobe invites any reader with a BLOGGER ID to use the comments section of this post to update readers on developments of importance in Russia during her week of hiatus. Particularly significant items may be transferred to blog posts upon her return. For a week you will have your own little sub-blog on La Russophobe, the most trafficked content-rich English-language Russia politics blog in the world. If you haven't got a blogger account, it's free and easy, so why not do it. Readers can also take this chance to root around in LR's archives and discovery some gems they may have missed, and to build up a passionate longing for LR's return.

Also, be sure to cast your vote for Russia's person of the year.

1 comment:

talnik said...

It's not that we're not here, LR; we're just not as good as you at this!
You'll have a lot on your plate when you return.