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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kremlin Threatens Journalists Over Litvinenko Reporting

A Step at a Time notes that there is a report on Wikinews that state-controlled propaganda outlet Russia Today announced on Friday a threat of the Russian government to sue for libel any journalist who reports statements about the Litvinenko killing that the Kremlin doesn't care for. Unfortunately, the alleged Russia Today report is now locked behind the paid archives of that nefarious outlet. The Wiki report states:

Russia Today TV, Moscow's English-language satellite television channel, reported that Russian government officials are considering filing libel suits against international journalists over their reporting on the poisoning death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Litvinenko was a strong critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and shortly before he died in London from radiation poisoning in late November, Litvinenko accused Putin of ordering his assassination. Putin and other Russian officials strongly denied any prior knowledge of a plot to kill Litvinenko. According to a report posted late Friday on the Russia Today TV web site, the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media is gathering publications worldwide to be studied for libelous and offensive comments against Russia in their coverage of the Litvinenko's case. Russia Today TV reported that the Russian government intends to file law suits for libel against international media if there is evidence of journalistic misconduct.

If true, and nothing Russia Today says can be taken at face value, this is just more evidence of the Kremlin's fundamental weakness and paranoia.

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