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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ukrainian People Repudiate Yanukovich

Recent poll data shows that Ukrainians overwhelmingly think that their country's new direction following the appointment of pro-Russian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich is the wrong one:

Seventy-five percent of Ukrainians consider the political situation in Ukraine unstable. This is indicated by the results of the poll, which the Research & Branding Group presented at a press conference at the press center of the Ukrainian News information agency. Respondents in the poll were asked to assess the political situation in the country. Six percent said they considered it generally stable, 19% said they were undecided. Asked to assess the economic situation in the country, none of the respondents in the poll considered the economic situation to be very good, 50% considered it to be bad, 26% considered it to be average, 17% considered to be very bad, 2% considered it to be good, while 5% said they were undecided. Moreover, 47% of the respondents in the poll believe that everything in Ukraine has been generally moving in the wrong direction since the March 2006 parliamentary elections, 17% said it has been moving in the right direction, 36% said they were undecided. The Research & Branding Group polled 2,215 people in all regions of Ukraine during the November 5-15 period. The statistical margin of sampling error does not exceed 1.1%. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, 69% of the respondents in a poll that the R&B Group conducted in October said they considered the political situation in Ukraine to be generally bad and unstable.

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