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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sunday Funnies

Source: Ellustrator.

Explanation: The boat, which contains Lenin, Stalin, Putin and Medvedev, has "Galleys" written across the side. This creates a play on words since, as in English, the the Russian word for "galley", is close to the Russian word for "gallery," as in a lineup of pictures of famous/infamous people, like a "rogues gallery"- or a police lineup). In text that accompanies the image, one rower cries out "we're not slaves!" and another answers "but were working like galley slaves!" This refers to an interview Vladmir Putin gave to Time magazine in December 2007 in which he famously exclaimed that he had been "working like a galley slave" in his job as President. The phrase is a set expression in Russian, normally using a word that means "work one's butt off," or to slave away. Ellustrator's readers loved it, of course. Several commented that he should have included the rest of the pantheon of Soviet leaders -- plus Gorbachev and Yeltsyn -- in the boat.

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