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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 9, 2008 -- Contents


(1) EDITORIAL: Collaborators get their Just Desserts

(2) Vladimir Putin, Gone Berserk

(3) National Bolsheviks Give the Kremlin the Business

(4) Putin has a Bad Case of the CLAP

(5) Annals of the Neo-Soviet Crackdown on Journalists

(6) Russia: Richest Government, Poorest People

NOTE: Do you by any chance, dear reader, notice a possible connection between #3 (Bolsheviks conducting mass protest action on Red Square, arrested by stormtroopers) and #6 (Russia's government is the richest oligarchy in the world) above? Do you find this obvious evidence that Russian history is repeating itself rather unsettling? We certainly do.

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