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Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Mr. 35%

Thanks to the determined work of Russian physicist and computer expert Sergei Shpilkin, we now know 56% of Russians voted in the recent "presidential elections," not 70% as the Kremlin claimed. Moreover, of those who voted, 63% cast votes for the "winner," Dimitri Medvedev -- not 70% as the Kremlin falsely alleged.

The Kremlin, lying through its yellow, broken teeth, claimed that Medvedev won 70% of 70% of the electorate -- in other words, that Medvedev had the support of 49% the country's eligible voters. In fact, he got 63% of 56% -- a mere 35% of the country stood behind him.

14 million of Medvedev's claimed 53 million votes were fraudulent, as was 15% of his claimed 49% "mandate." Even under the Kremlin's corrupt scenario, less than half the country supported Medvedev. In actual fact, barely a third did so. Little wonder, then, that the Kremlin felt the need to be so aggressive with the fraud.

This is the predictable result of allowing a proud KGB spy to rule a country. He'll lie to you, without remorse, whenever he gets the chance, about everything and anything. You'll live your life in a fog until that one day when a tsunami of truth sweeps over you by surprise, as it did when the USSR disappeared.

In recent days, we have seen two utterly ridiculous Russophile myths laid to rest. First, that Vladimir Putin would step aside after his second term ended. Instead of doing that, he's not only assumed the prime ministry but vastly expanded the powers of that office and seized control of the party of power, United Russia, as well. And second, that he was so overwhelmingly popular in Russia that there was no need to engage in fraud to propel Medvedev to victory. Even though every legitimate opposition candidate had been purged from the ballot, Medvedev still only had the support of one-third of the population. What might have happened if there was a real race, with debates and pointed criticism of Medvedev's credentials? Clearly, Medvedev would have been in desperate jeopardy.

Moreover, if the fraud was unnecessary and Putin engaged in it anyway, there could be no more brutal insight into the utter malignancy of his character than that. It would mean he's pure evil.

A joke is making the rounds in Russia these days. Putin and Medvedev are sitting in a restaurant having dinner. The waiter approaches and asks what Putin will have for his main course, and Putin responds: "I'll have the steak." The waiter replies: "And what would you like for your vegetable?" Putin answers, glancing sidelong at Medvedev: "The vegetable will have steak too."

It's a telling anecdote, because it's not only Medvedev, but the entire nation, that now serves as Putin's vegetable. True, 65% of Russians withheld their support from Putin's hand-picked successor -- but that's the least they could have done. Though knowing Putin's replacement was a sham, they still meekly allowed the ballot to be purged of rival candidates, stand mute when electoral fraud is exposed, and turn a blind eye as political parties and media outlets are brutally crushed under Putin's jackboot.

Soon, Russia's vegetables are going to be harvested by Farmer Putin, sucked up into a giant neo-Soviet threshing machine and pulverized into pulp, shoved into cans and stacked on shelves to await the next ice age.

It's a fate that's, sadly, nothing short of what the vast majority of Russians deserve, one they've brought on themselves. We tried to warn them, as did many others. They paid no heed.

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