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Monday, April 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Russia Today

La Russophobe's publisher Kim Zigfeld wrote the following e-mail to the press secretary of the Russia Today TV network on Thursday April 8th:

Dear Press Office,

I am a well-known Russia blogger; my work appears on Pajamas Media, Instablogs, Publius Pundit and La Russophobe, and has been noted in by the Associated Press, the Washington Post and The Moscow Times, among many others.

I would like to interview a Russia Today editor of your choosing and publish the transcript of the interview, which I would conduct by e-mail, on one or more of my blogs. I would appreciate it if you could put me in e-mail contact with an editor who can tell me about Russia Today's news coverage, editorial positions, mission and market performance.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kim Zigfeld
To date, Kim has received no response of any kind. Hey, Russia Today -- why won't you be interviewed? Are you scared? Do you have something to hide?

We'd like to know.


Anonymous said...

yea---who watches, that's the question.
english-only biz types in moscow watch---they get it on their cosmos tv package at home and in hotels. so an enlish-only person in moscow is interested in the country where they live so yea, they read moscow times and watch russia today---what else is there????
then a very small circle of folks around the world watch---people interested in russia.
but the quality is very bad: their reporters are children---bad journalists right outta college who will tell any lie for a paycheck. many of the accents are hard to understand, and one quickly tires of the clumsy and stupid propoganda.
the quality is just too low for an average viewer to watch for a long time.

stalker said...

I think that Russia Today is now quite a well-presented and objective program.

As for the reason they don't want to talk to you, Kim, it's the same as the reason you gave me in our little email exchange - you are a) insignificant and b) a loathsome propagandist who will twist whatever they do say out of any context.

Anonymous said...

perhaps because I'm closer in age to those "children-reporters" I actually find it fairly interesting to watch at times - like their gig on TPB ( The Pirate Bay for uninitiated). it's great to see that at least some stations would give a chance to younger folk who don't have to look like they did 30 years of compulsory service in newsroom before they are allowed on air!
most of the accents I hear are British and many reporters are actually quite hot!!!

Timur said...

It seems my previous post did not work. Again, if you are serious about doing an interview with Russia Today, drop me a line at