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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sunday Photos

The YouTube above shows the offices of Oborona after being raided by the Kremlin's stormtroopers last week in an effort to evict them and drive them underground. Below, an Oborona activists heroically displays the group's colors during the raid.

1 comment:

Tower Bolshevik said...

Oborona like its sister organizations in Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and other places sure enjoy portraying themselves as the true liberators. Oborona like the others simply place faith in another robber barons other than the current one: Vladimir Putin. "Anybody but Putin" is their message. Looking through their website, I've not seen one comment condemning the Yeltsin/Putin war in Chechnya. They also delude themselves into thinking they can forget the past, as they do not address it. How does one move forward without learning from the past? These U.S backed "Color Revolutions" have done nothing but replace one crime boss with another more favorable to the West.