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Friday, March 28, 2008

Russia Shoots Down its Own Jet

AFP reports:

A Russian fighter jet that crashed last week during a training exercise was shot down by a rocket from an accompanying jet, Interfax news agency reported Wednesday, citing a military investigator. "It has been established that the Su-25 ground-attack plane was shot down by a rocket from its wingman," an official from the investigation team looking into the accident was quoted as saying. The Su-25 exploded and crashed, killing its pilot, during a training flight above a military range in the region of Primorye in far eastern Russia last Thursday, officials and local radio reports said. Investigators had originally said the jet may have gone down after one of its own weapons exploded. The Russian air force has temporarily grounded all Su-25 flights pending an inquiry into the crash.


Anonymous said...

Ehh... No big. We done that too. I'm kind of impressed they even had the balls/money to rehearse with live ammo though. But maybe that's because they've lost the sophistication to put dummies on their wings for an ACM training?

La Russophobe said...

NB: When commenting on a blog, it's nice to try to add value. So, for instance, if you remark that the U.S. has shot down one of its own planes recently, you post a link to the story. Then you're not so much of a free rider.

Meanwhile, the statement "No big. We done that too." implies that Russia and the U.S. are similarly positioned to absorb mistakes. We put it to you that they're not. We put it to you that Russian men live almost two decades less on average than American men, that Russia loses up to 1 million from its population every year while America is growing rapidly, and that Russians are impoverished while Americans are wealthy.

Further, we put it to you that such a claim, even if it were true, would only help Russians to continue failing rather than to reform and improve. As such, we put it to you that it's highly counterproductive.