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Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008 -- Contents


(1) Another Original LR Translation: Good Morning, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

(2) EDITORIAL: Russia and its Children

(3) Another Original LR Translation: Kozlovsky Speaks

(4) Russia Brutalizes its Children, Doesn't Care

(5) Goble on Russia's Children

(6) Another Original LR Translation: The Nemtsov White Paper in Full

NOTE: It's wall-to-wall translations today. Two original translations by our Original Translator from the Russian press, one a radio interview of Oleg Kozlovsky by Echo of Moscow Radio and the other a newspaper article about journalist Vladimir Pozner, and capped off by a republication of Dave Essel's translation of the Boris Nemtsov White Paper on Vladimir Putin, for the first time in one location in copyable HTML. These are unprecedented glimpses into the real world of Russia which the world quite simply would not have but for the work of this blog and its heroic translation team. On behalf of all our staff and readers, we thank them heartily for their wonderful work. The other half of our content is devoted to Russia's children, two excellent pieces of reporting on Russia's horrific ongoing pattern of child abuse (obviously linked to its declining population), with our editorial condemning the Kremlin's greatest malignancy of all.

1 comment:

elmer said...

For anyone who wants to know how Gazprom operates, and how RosUkrEnergo is only the tip of the iceberg, and how the "list of affiliated companies" is always changing, and how a Swiss or Austrian lawyer is on the board of Gazprom, see the Harvard University Ukrainian Research Institute conference on post-soviet energy politics, especially the presentation (click on video links) of Roman Kupchinsky:

It is an excellent analysis and recap, although some of the videos do not contain a full presentation, unfortunately.