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Monday, March 24, 2008

More Russian Sports Humiliation

At the World Figure Skating Championships in Goteborg, Sweden, last week, Russia was nearly shut entirely out of the medal count.

No medal in the nation's beloved pairs event. Even more brutally, the gold-medal team included a Ukrainian woman who had defected to Germany.

No medal in men's or ladies' individual events.

Russia's only medal was a lowly bronze in ice dancing.


No wonder Putin's Russia fought so hard to get the 2014 winter Olympics -- how else can it hope to get another gold medal, except by rigging the results on home ice.


Anonymous-ONE said...

This is the type of article where I must say something about the viewpoint presented. This is/or comes close to pure Russia bashing for several reasons.

1)The US only received one medal in the whole episode (that being a bronze as well)-significant in that US has dominated this sport through many years.
(starting with Peggy Fleming) Yet it is Russia's debacle which is pointed out.

2)Sochi is all about economics/money coming into Russia

3)To hint that results will be rigged is a slap in the face to the international skating community, esp. for the international judges who will be on hand. (don't forget, there was some MAJOR fallout due to some shenanigans at SLC)

4)A gold medal for Russia in any event, even dog catching will be used as a propaganda tool; but right now its the economic gold that is most desirous.

5)Have you seen some of the performances by some of the Japanese skaters! To be rigged, Putin would need to tie their skates together just to give Russia, or anyone else a chance.
(Or hire Tanya Harding!)

Those are my points. While majority of your articles describe very well the problems Russia is facing, this one missed its mark, and comes off being a bit snide. You are better than that, and I hope you would not fall into the same mud hole your detractors are in.

La Russophobe said...

Perhaps it will not surprise you to learn that we think your comment comes close to pure Russia enabling.

If you're saying that Russia only wants to make money off the games and doesn't care if it gets humiliated in the results, and rationalizing the lack of reform on that basis, you're helping Russia to fail. Sounds almost fox-and-grapes like. Russia didn't WANT those medals, right? LOL.

If you're saying that an Olympics can be held in one of the most corrupt nations on the planet (this is well documented) and yet maintain its standards, we disagree. In fact, how did Russia, totally unqualified, get the Olympics in the first place, if not for fraud.

Perhaps you haven't heard, but there is already much talk of massive cost overruns and possible losses on the games. Given the proximity to Chechnya and the fact that, well, it's Russia, it seems far fewer tourist dollars can be expected than usual.

This blog is all about bashing Russia, especially Russian hubris on issues like pairs skating. They've "elected" a proud KGB spy and deserve to be bashed. You might as well complain about Germany bashing during Nazi times. Simply put, no such thing.