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Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008 -- Contents


(1) EDITORIAL: Seeing Russia

(2) The Real Dimitri Medvedev: Part I, Another Original LR Translation

(3) The Real Dimitri Medvedev, Part II

(4) Gordievsky on the Age of Assassins

(5) Putin and LaRouche, Sitting in a Tree

(6) Vladimir Putin, Thief and Liar

NOTE: Kim Zigfeld's latest installment on Pajamas Media is running now, a book review of two new volumes both called The New Cold War. Written by Russia journalists (and bloggers!) Edward Lucas and Mark MacKinnon, both of whom know the country well having seen it long-term up close and personal, these two books are required reading for those who wish to have true insight as to the neo-Soviet peril we in the West and the good people of Russia now face, a peril we have been documenting here on this blog for nearly two years now.

NOTE: Publius Pundit has news of more
humiliating failure for Putin's Russia in Serbia and exposes the nasty clique of weirdos and criminals who are Putin's only friends in the West. Feel free to offer your comments on these important developments as background to the new cold war conflict we face.

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