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Friday, March 07, 2008

March 7, 2008 -- Contents


(1) EDITORIAL: Paying the Piperski

(2) Annals of Russian Pseudo-Journalism

(3) Annals of Russia's Neo-Soviet Propaganda

(4) Annals of Russia's Paranoid Neo-Soviet Crackdown

(5) Annals of Espionage

(6) Shteyngart: Russia is a Dead Country

NOTE: Oleg Kozlovsky has posted to his blog for the first time since December 20, 2007. He writes: "I've been demobilized. I am in Moscow. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at 8 pm on March 4th at the Biligve Club. The next day at 11:00 am I'm to go to the Izmailovsky military enlistment office to sign transfer papers for the reserves, and I invite all interested persons to attend, including jouranlists :-)" He also indicates he is meeting with journalists from Echo of Moscow radio and the New Times magazine. Publius Pundit has the details.

NOTE: Article XIX, the global campaign for freedom of expression, has released a scathing report on Russia in PDF. Click here to read it.

1 comment:

Anonymous-ONE said...

Yehaw! Oleg's "out". So is anyone going to collect with the Vegas oddsmaker about the "timing" of Oleg's 'release'. P.S. Was Oleg allowed to vote?