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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sunday Photos: Oborona YouTube Special Edition

Attorney/blogger Robert Amsterdam continues his leadership role in providing video material documenting the heroic work of the great Russian patriots at Oborona. In his latest two installments (he has his own YouTube channel) he offers the second part of an interview with Oleg Kozlovsky, the group's leader, and two others with an activists on the front lines:

Oleg Kozlovsky, Part II
(Click here for Part I)

Xenia Vakhrusheva

Olga Galkina

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought the entire youth of Russia belonged to Nashi and adored Putin. These two look pretty young...and they are very intelligent! Xenia is close in her analysis. From what it looks like, those who would dare to go up against the Kremlin/Putin are attempting to play on his chessboard. ie., cult of personality. I am afraid the leader who can go up against such a totalitarian machine will need to sacrifice (being willing to sacrifice, understand they will sacrifice) everything. The only person who will be able to break the totalitarian stranglehold is the one who will speak constantly to the individual, the power of the individual, the rights of the individual. It will be a person who tells, no demands, that Russians look to themselves, not the Kremlin, not one "leader" to make them great. But themselves, their individual goals, their individual dreams. Such a person can only promise a government under which civilized discourse can take place, that certain civilized standards will be met. This person must speak to the ideals of the soul of each individual; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Don't worry Russia, these are not ideals exclusive to the United States alone. They are for all mankind. No one, no one government has the right to trample upon them.