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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Annals of Prosperous, Civilized Russia

Ananova reports:

Scrap metal thieves in Russia managed to steal a 200-tonne steel bridge (not shown, above) without anyone noticing. The 38ft structure in Khabarovsk in the east of the country vanished overnight, reports Metro. It was part of the only road leading to a heating plant. Bosses at the company said the cost of replacing the bridge would be ten times the value of the scrap metal that had been stolen. They plan to replace the bridge with one made of concrete

1 comment:

Artfldgr said...

funny thing is that a work crew that could work like that would be a highly paid group in the west!

imagine if someone here could hire them for demolitions and such. such work is big business that earns millions, and earns more in bonuses for quick work.

to be able to remove a whole bridge overnight, quietly, cleanly, and ready for whatever the next day?

see the difference between capitalism and socialism?

in the west such a crew would be rich, sought after, respected, and needed.

their work would cause the improvement in the work of all the other companies competing against them in the sector. they can underbid and do more work too.

but since russia is a socialist state, and such capatalistic ends are only lipserviced, such people cant go out and get hired by the state, and others since those jobs go to party freinds.

so what do they do? take their torches, their wrenches, and so forth, and scope out bridges and metal things to take apart with their great skill.

meanwhile rather than be an economic boon, they are an economic problem. as time goes by, and they do more, it would be cheaper to just give them the money so they wouldn take things apart. but you wont find them.

tune in in 10 months as other russian capitalists learn the same trade and scrap metal becomes the way to make extra money.

then they will start striping electrical cables, pipes, railings, etc.

wait till they start taking apartments, and stripping them down of radiators, stoves, window glass.

reminds me historically of the soviet trade in burned out light bulbs.

in the soviet union, burned out bulbs had value!!! in the west, they were worthless...

how so?

easy... a person could not get a bulb in their apartment replaced, so they would trade the burned out bulb and a bit of cash for a new one that works. the person who sold the good bulb woult then take the burned out one, and would then serriptisiouly replace a state bulb in some office with the burned out one.

now they had more stock to sell..

this is why rules dont work when they try to control too much. since our natural proclivity is to work aroudn them... its key to our survival. or do you think farming isnt solving the problem of the rule of locating food? or that wagons solve the problem of moving more stuff.

well dead bulbs solve the survival problem as do stolen bridges.

as long as people are alive and natural, they will circumvent any set of rules that you will put in place, and those rules will guarantee that only a few will win which increases their wealth disproportionatly, and hurts the others disproportionatly by holding prices artificially higher.

way to go bridge guys!