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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 28, 2007 -- Content


(1) EDITORIAL: Potemkin Russia

(2) An Australian Open Recap

(3) Neo-Soviet Postcards from Penza

(4) Exposing Putin's Failure in Chechnya

(5) The Serbian Suckers

(6) The Battle of Britain, Part II

NOTE: Before the month has even ended, January 2008 has become our best month ever for visitation, with the blog for the first time recording more than 17,000 visits in a single month.


Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting article about how Mogilevich was arrested in order to protect Putin's hand-picked presidential successor, Medvedev.

Seems like whenever it's convenient in roosha, charges of "tax evasion" and "embezzlement" pop up conveniently - for Putin and this thugs.

Although this time, in Mogilevich's case, it's quite likely well-deserved.

He's also wanted by the FBI.

Anonymous said...

What is roosha's reaction to Ukraine's letter to NATO for a Membership Action Plan?

roosha suddenly discovers that it has "outdated" radar on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, and cancels an agreement.

The rooshan Commies, of all people, protested, claiming that this would drive Ukraine towards NATO.