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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Uh-Oh: Annals of Russian Nuclear Energy

Energy Central reports:

Russian nuclear oversight watchdog Rostekhnadzor has investigated the causes of eight interruptions in the operations of nuclear power plants in July. All of them rated zero on the International Nuclear Events Scale (INES), the authority reported on Friday.

Four of the incidents occurred at the Kursk nuclear plant. On July 3 the capacity of the second power unit dropped when the turbo generator was turned off following a false alarm. On July 4 the first power unit was shut down when technical water leaked into the lower part of the reactor chamber. On July 20 the turbo generator of the fourth unit was turned off after the temperature rose in its stator. On July 26 the short circuit safeguard of the third unit stopped the turbo generator.

In addition to that, on July 9 the capacity of the third power unit at Beloyarsk plant dropped 33% due to the failure of a transformer. On July 18 the main circulation pump turned off at the fourth unit of the Kola plant, the report says.

On July 22 metal defects were discovered in the heat collectors of two steam generators of the fifth unit at the Novovoronezh plant during a regular check. On July 24 the capacity of the third unit of Smolensk NPP dropped by 500 MW due to a short circuit in a transformer.

Rosenergoatom operates Russia's nuclear power plants.

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