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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Khodorkovsky Wins Big in Switzerland

(2) Berezovsky in the Times of London

(3) The Rifle on the Wall

(4) Who is to Blame for Russian Dictatorship?

NOTE: We've recently reported on how Russian nuclear bombers have started menacing British and American targets. A reader writes by e-mail to tell La Russophobe that he has tried to investigate similar instances by American bombers menacing Russian targets with the threat of nuclear attack and has been unable to do so. Therefore, he asks whether any readers can point him to reported recent incidents of such a thing occurring. It's an interesting and important question to explore, but our view is that even if Russia is merely matching American actions jot for jot, rather than being unilaterally provocative, its actions are still totally outrageous. Russia isn't America, just as the USSR wasn't, and it can't win an arms race any more than the USSR could. Putin's actions, even if they are "justified" by U.S. "provocation," are still totally self-destructive and crazed in the extreme. If Putin is wrong and there is no basis for his actions, then he's even more of a madman than the world suspects.

NOTE: We blast Putin's Russia but GOOD today! First Khodorkovsky, then Berezovsky, then Gordievsky. It's an embarrassment of riches! And to put a cherry on top, we publish the results of our poll showing who readers think is to blame for this horrific mess.

NOTE: We are delighted to call your attention to the newest addition to our sidebar, Novaya Gazeta now available in English! Hat tip: Moscow Times.

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