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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Sunday Hero

Russian hero Lidia Yusupova is profiled in First Post in a brilliant article by reporter Gavin Knight. She tells him: ""In Russia today you have no right to be a human being. No right to live, tell the truth, plead for justice. You only have the right to be a slave. When power is used for self-interest it is not legally a state, it is just an organisation of criminals."

Click "yusupova" at the bottom of this post to read our prior coverage of Ms. Yusupova, one of the last, best hopes for Russian survival.


Anonymous said...

Lets see. Russians in record numbers travel the world. And then they return to Russia, where incomes and birth rates are growing. If they were slaves, why are they returning to their slavery? Because they are not slaves.

La Russophobe said...

You don't offer a single shred of data to support your ridiculous lies.

Incomes rising? Wow, they've risen from an average wage of $2/hour to an average wage of $3/hour. You have a pathetically low opinion of Russians if you think they'd flock to that.

Birth rates growing? Who cares, if death rates are skyrocketing? And not difficult to improve on a negative rate. Russia is losing upwards of 1 million from its population every year.

Russians return to Russia only because other countries kick them out.

Dr. Michel Bouchard said...

Well, it must be remembered that the most popular destination by far for Russian tourists is Turkey: close to 1.5 million Russians visited Turkey last year, compared to the the 60,718 that visited Great Britain (see True, Russians travel the world, but only the wealthiest Russians tend to travel to Western Europe or North America as these countries are quite stringent when it comes to getting a visa if you are a Russian national.