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Monday, August 20, 2007

In "Resurgent" Russia, Food Poisoning Runs Rampant

RIA Novosti reports:

A total of 123 children have fallen ill in a case of mass food poisoning that has hit kindergartens throughout the Stavropol Territory, southern Russia, the local emergencies service said Friday. Since the poisoning outbreak, 44 children aged two to seven have been admitted to hospital along with one adult, while 39 are receiving out-patient treatment. A preliminary probe revealed that a single businessman supplied food to all the kindergartens affected, but it is unclear whether his products were the source of the poisoning.

The incident follows a number of mass food poisoning cases at children's camps throughout Russia this summer.

In northwest Russia's Novgorod Region about 120 children and adults were infected with an intestinal bug earlier this week. In late June in the Sverdlovsk Region, in the Urals, about 40 people, including 33 children, were hospitalized with acute intestinal infection. In the same month, dysentery led to the hospitalization of 93 children and two adults at two summer camps in the Moscow Region.

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