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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Russians Have Gone Plumb Loco

Yes, that's right, you heard correctly. It seems getting Maria Sharapova, who doesn't even live in Russia and whose athletic skills are ruining the sport of tennis, to sponsor its last Olympic bid was not nearly enough stupidity to satisfy benighted Russians. Now, Snow-covered Russia wants to get the 2014 Winter Olympic games and it want to put them (no, you're not on Candid Camera) in its Black Seaside beach resort town of Sochi, you know, the one with all the hotness and bathing suits and palm trees and so forth.

As the Moscow News reports:

The Russian government officially threw its support behind the 2014 Winter Olympic bid by the southern resort of Sochi, The Associated Press reported. In an announcement posted on its web-site Thursday, the government said it had adopted a program on developing the resort by 2014, including a 327 billion ruble (12 billion USD) investment to be shared 60-40 between the government and private sector.“With this federal target program in place, the International Olympic Committee has a full guarantee that all the facilities and venues necessary for hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be fully completed in time,” the site quoted Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov as saying.“If Russia has the honor of hosting the ... Games, the Games will be held in state-of-the-art facilities and leave a priceless legacy for the Olympic Movement as well as Russia.” The plan includes construction of a new terminal at the airport serving Sochi, 25,000 new hotel rooms and road renovations as well as 16 sport facilities.The International Olympic Committee meets June 21-23 in Lausanne, Switzerland, to decide which cities make the final cut in the competition for who will host the Games


Anonymous said...

You can't be that dim, can you? Oh, of course you can...
You may not know, but the Winter Games are held in, guess when, winter. Sochi has perfectly good winter sports facilities, which makes it a skiing destination in the winter. The point of these Olympic events is that they are an opportunity to improve domestic facilities and offer a platform on which to raise the profile of the location to the rest of the world. Such an event would benefit the local economy and generate employment. But you are not interested in that because all you want to see is Russian people do badly. It is a mystery why you get so indignant about Putin repression when you have nothing but base and vile contempt for the Russian people.

La Russophobe said...

Oh dear, you a really are quite a moron, aren't you? Would you care to put some money on the possiblity that the IOC will pick Sochi? Are you saying that Sochi is the best spot in all of frozen, wintery Russia for the Olympics? If you are, what does that say about Russia's image as a winter bastion?

Reithykins, why don't you try to actually do some research for once instead of just spouting nonesense? How about investigating Sochi's reputation among foreign skiiers? How about telling us how many foreign visitors travel to Sochi each year to ski, and what other international competitions have been held there?

But no, like Russia you'd prefer to live in your weirdo world of neo-Soviet dreams even as Russia slips beneath sea.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to tell whether you are dimmer than you are peculiar. Sochi is a perfectly good location for a bid city. Whether it will win the bid is another matter, though I see you have now declined to dredge up your "witty" reference to palm trees.
As I have said before, the Olympics provide an ideal opportunity to regenerate cities or depressed areas with cities, so your observations are utterly pointless. If Russia sinks "beneath the seas", as you so compassionately hope, unlike that mean old Putin, it may be in some small part because its economy does not capitalise on opportunities like this, which will enable it to develop a viable tourist industry.
But this is irrelevant to you because you are conniving liar who pretends to sympathise with Russians while praying for their extinction. You bleat piously (and dishonestly) when Russians are the victims and crow pompously when they are beset by any misfortune.
So are you dim, peculiar, or just a foul-minded ingoramus? Or all three?

La Russophobe said...

It's a horrific location, with no reputation or experience in international events and no reputation for snow or mountains. In other words, its typically Russian stupidity -- full of hubrish and doomed to failure.

La Russophobe said...

btw, thanks for the research!

Anonymous said...

"No reputation for snow or mountains."

There are snow and mountains an hour's drive away from Sochi. Your ignorance of the "reputation" of these mysterious mountains is neither here nor there. Why do you continue to diguise your real intentions, which are to do down the Russian people that you claim to be defending from the excesses of Putin. Again you are caught fabricating accusations to this end, but on and on you go...

La Russophobe said...

REITH, you are a total MORON. At least if you are going to make a written comment try to READ what you are commenting on first.

The comment did not say there ARE NO mountains or snow, the comment said NOBODY KNOWS there is mountains or snow outside Russia (and probably very few inside as well).

The comment said no international events HAVE EVER BEEN HELD there, and foreigners NEVER GO THERE TO SKI. Hence, it is an absurd joke to think foreigners would ever vote to have this place host the games.

You IGNORE all the facts you can't deal with and just invent some to attack. That is the approach of the failed Neo-Soviet propagandist and it won't work here, you're just embarrassing yourself with it. We don't know who you usually try that garbage on, but we suspect the residents of some poor mental institution in Siberia.

Anonymous said...

Your intersting points are made no more effective by SHOUTING as they fundamentally idiotic. Do you really believe that winter Olympics bids are chosen on the basis of whether people go on holiday at the place? You are ridiculous and your arguments similarly so.
You made some idiotic facetious remark about palm trees in the ill-informed belief that Sochi does not have ski resorts. You were wrong or, more likely, you were lying in your tireless attempt to smear Russia at all costs (including making yourself look like a fool). The dignified thing to would be to admit your culpability and cease your ridiculous posturing, but that is too much to hope for.

La Russophobe said...

Yes, I actually believe that an international reputation for quality skiing has something to do with placing and Olympic games. That you don't only goes to show that you think like a Russian, i.e., a total failure. When people hear "Sochi" they will fall down laughing and merely have further confirmation that Russians have their heads up their you-know-whats.

You're the one who should be apologizing for grossly mischaracterizing comments you obviously didn't even go so far as to read.