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Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, America!

La Russophobe is on hiatus in honor of America's 230th birthday. The next new post will appear on Wednesday, July 5th. However, she has left a goodly supply of material to keep you busy during her absence (see below), and hopes you don't miss her too much while she's gone.


Anonymous said...

I read the following article today and, right away, thought of the RL:;_ylt=AqY.hFnWvopFkaN0jCixI_us0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3NW1oMDRpBHNlYwM3NTc-

La Russophobe is not alone in her insanity!

"Romania probes 'foreign plot' to worsen its weather"

The Romanian senate has opened an inquiry into "indications" that floods that have battered the country were the result of a "metereological war waged by a foreign power," a senator said.

"We are planning to check indications and information that the extreme metereological phenomena experienced in July and August 2005 were caused by human technology controlled from abroad," Dan Carlan told AFP on Thursday.

Carlan, who initiated the probe, said officials in the agriculture ministry had suggested that unusually heavy rain that fell in eastern Romania last year resulted from "a pattern of humidity directed from the Black Sea towards this region."

But ministry spokesman Adrian Tibu said the senators had got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

"They have mistakenly interpreted the remarks of our experts, who in no way talked of such a possibility," he said.

Extreme right leader Corneliu Vadim Tudor said however he was convinced that Romania was "the victim of a metereological attack."

He refused to point the finger directly at any country, but his mention of "a great power east of Romania which is increasingly annoyed by Bucharest's policies on the Black Sea region" was a clear reference to Russia.

The country's worst floods in 30 years killed 80 people and caused some 1.5 billion euros (1.8 billion dollars) in damage.

This year has been little better, with torrential rain leaving nine dead and six missing in the past two weeks. Devastating floods in April left 16,000 people homeless in southern Romania when dikes along the Danube gave way.

La Russophobe said...

I think you mean Russia is not alone in its insanity. LR has never said Russia is engaged in a conspiracy to harm the United States, it's the paranoid Russophiles who think America is engaged in such a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Once again, LR avoids the issue by throwing a random ignorant statement. Where did you see America in the article?

Don't bring our great country, the USA, into your phobic non-sense!

La Russophobe said...

OK, let me explain it to you you hopeless moron:

(1) You said that LR was paranoid about Russian conspiracies against her.

(2) LR is American.

(3) Obviously, you meant that LR thinks Russia is conspiring against America.

(4) In fact, LR has never said and does not believe that Russia is conspiring against America or against LR. Russians are far too hopelessly confused to successfully conspire against anyone except themselves.

(5) It's Russians who believe that America (and the whole outside world) are conspiring against them.

(6) What LR believes is that Russians are destroying themselves with their paranoia. This blog is about getting them to see that before they actually do cease to exist.

Get it, you chimp-brained simpleton?

Anonymous said...

1) Yes, I implied that. The whole blog proves my statement:-) (Cold War II, Russia this and Russia that - when a person expresses hate about a certain group of people or a coutry, then in it can only be justified as fear or paranoia; thus, the name russophobe - someone whos is afraid or paranoid of Russians or Russia).

2) We already have enough bigots here, just leave (until you become more tolerant and sane)!

3). No, I meant that LR thinks that Russia is conspiring against LR:-) (And once again, existance of this blog proves it completelly.)

4) "In fact, LR has never said and does not believe that Russia is conspiring against America or against LR."
See point 3.
"Russians are far too hopelessly confused to successfully conspire against anyone except themselves."
I am sure they are grateful for your care.

5). That's possible, but recent "russophobia" by its neighbors justifies that to a certain degree. For example Moldovan President Voronin, the communist pinky fuck, ran only on anti-Russian ticket. (That got him support of EU and USA:-( ) Or certain politicians in Ukraine, who have weekly outburst how everything Russian must be destroyed, the Russian language should be wiped out, and the parts of Ukraine speaking Russian must be surrounded by barbwire. (These are populist statements done by a populist politician Tymoshenko, who is Ukriane's Zhirinovkiy. I believe Zhirik consistently gets about 5-7 % of the vote, while Tymoshenko get around 30%, and about 60-80% in the Western Ukraine. Make your conclusions...)

6) And so do you. As far as I remember, everyone was telling Russia that they will cease to exist, the Mongols, the Teutonic Knights, the Otommans, the Swedes, the French, the German, the international intervention of Civil War (Japanese, Americans, etc), now people like you. Guess what? 100 years from now, there always will be Russia, and you and I will be dead.

"Get it, you chimp-brained simpleton?"

In some posts you say that no one can say anything against you, except just insults. Now, you are insulting others. This is your patter for the last several posts. Are you running out of your "arguments" and "facts?"

All the best! Hopefully, this vacation will do you good. Don't forget to get laid, too:-)