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Friday, June 23, 2006

Once Again, Foreigners Say "No Thanks" to Russia

In another sign of the apocalypse for Russia, it will receive less than 5% of the normal contingent of extremist anti-globalization protesters when it hosts the G-8 forum. Half of them are afraid to set foot in Russia and the other half realize nobody could care less what goes on there. In other words, so much for Russia's "resurgence" and "democracy." Once again, Russia has alienated the world.

The Moscow Times reports:

Due to the high cost of travel and jitters about security, only 1,500 anti-globalization protesters are expected to turn up for the Group of Eight summit in St. Petersburg next month. They will, however, try to make their presence known, holding an alternative summit, staging a flash mob, going on a tram excursion and camping on Krestovsky Island. Tens of thousands of activists usually participate in sometimes-violent protests during G8 summits, but organizers of the Second Russian Social Forum said not many foreigners seemed eager to travel to Russia for the July 15-17 event. "For most potential participants, getting here is too expensive, takes too long and is too complicated. On top of that, Russia is not considered secure," co-organizer Vladimir Soloveichik said. He said he expected a turnout of 700 people from St. Petersburg, 300 from other Russian cities, 200 from former Soviet republics and 300 to 400 from Europe. The protesters will set up a camp near the Kirov Stadium on Krestovsky Island and discuss the same issues as the G8 summit: energy, security, health care, human rights and the fight against poverty.

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