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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12, 2007 -- Contents


(1) The Other Russia Marches On!

(2) We Must be Firm with Russia

(3) David Warren on the Neo-Soviet Union

(4) Why Russians Need to Hate Estonians

(5) Annals of Russian Barbarism


rafael from rome said...

I think this website is a shame.

I am half Russian and I never read such unpleasant things about my country.

Apart from the lack of information that you have, every single letter is plenty of hate.

Fortunately Russia has still many friends, in Italy, France, Germany ,China, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, CSI, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, and others.

Don't go too far with the offenses to another Nation, one day or another, you could become veeeery afraid of this.

Just a last point: Don't forget that both germany and france thery were supposed to have won against Russia, just to fall down for ever as empires and become very good friends of Russia.

There is lot of people thinking that US will be next new big good friend of Russia...

La Russophobe said...


Perhaps you haven't read such things before because you only read the Russian press, which is government-controlled.

Your statements about Russia having friends in Spain, Germany and Hungary are ludicrous. We suggest you take a look at what the leaders of those countries have said recently about Russia, and we demand that you link to source material to support your bizarre claims. It's interesting that you don't mention France or Britain, and also interesting that you would be proud of having a friend in Communist China -- also quite bizarre that you think the Chinese don't recognize Russian racism.

Your veiled threats and spamming of this blog reveal you to be a typical Russophile moron, whose rationalizations and lies have destroyed Russia before and are doing so again. You're far more dangerous to Russia than any foreign foe.