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Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 7, 2007 -- Contents


(1) An Uncivilized Country, Part I: Nation of Sheep

(2) An Uncivilized Country, Part II: Nation of Warmongers

(3) Mark Ames Sells Totally Out

NOTE: This past week, La Russophobe received her 4,000th comment (averaging over 250 comments per month since the blog was created, and recording over 400 comments last month alone) and her 75,000th Google hit. LR congratulates her contributors and readers on their achievements.

NOTE: To clarify, if you write "my name is" in the body of your comment rather than taking the time to fill out a named comment block, and your comment appears under an "Anonymous" header, your comment is subject to deletion unless found particularly valuable. If you won't take the time to give yourself an official name, why should we take the time to publish your comment?


Anonymous said...

First: What a hypocrisy to congratulate the readers while the site is practicing censorship!
I sent 3 comments recently and 2 of them (one about the song "God Bless America" and the other one on the LR publication about Sharapova ) were not posted, though the fact that LR cahanged her material about Sharapova by adding objections to some of my unpublished statements speaks that she had recieved it, and no technical cause can be blamed.
Second: Where are those 400 readers' comments for the last months, mentioned in this publication? Where can we see them if most of the LR publications have "0 comment" reaction? Or they all but a few has been censored?
I was working hard to keep the discussion alive but with such opponents like "penny" and "elmer" it is the same like to teach sex to nuns.

La Russophobe said...

Listen you illiterate Russian slob:

(1) If your comments violate the comment publication guidelines, they are deleted:

We suggest you read this blog's rules and respect them. If you can't read, we suggest you learn how. If you think we have an obligation to publish your obscenity, abuse and SPAM, you are a serious mental case (like most Russophile scum we deal with).

(2) Open the archives for June 2007 and look at each post, you hopeless idiot. Count the comments that appear at the bottom of each one. When you see the number is over 400, apologize. If you don't, no further comments from you will be published on this blog.

(3) This blog is FULL of comments criticizing and attacking us. If you deny this, you are an outrageous, probably drunken liar. Typical Russophile vermin.

La Russophobe said...

As of right now, just the posts published in the five days between July 3 and July 7 contain 57 comments. Even a monkey can see that. But then, you probably can't count as well as a monkey, because you probably studied in a Russian school.

Thanks for making such a total fool of yourself! You really made our day you cosmically stupid cretin!